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We had a long-haired Chihuahua when I was a teen. Her name was Puff.
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In our house Chihuahuas are known as a breed known as "ankle biters" . :-0
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I live with (and loved) 2 Chihuahuas and sweeter, lovable pets I have never seen. They are rescued dogs - one I got out front of Walmart from 2 kids selling them on the street! They love everyone, including my 4yr old twin grandchildren and love to see them come to visit. Don't know what made those other Chihuahua's troublesome but I'd have a houseful.
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I got my long hair Chihuahua at a shelter, sort of. There was a young couple outside the shelter who had come to surrender their mother and father Chihuahuas and 3 3 month old pups. They had to get rid of their dogs or they were going to get evicted. I fell in love with the one male puppy and the man told me if I wanted him I could take him as they were not yet officially surrendered to the shelter. That was almost 6 years ago. We have never had an instance of Gizmo being nasty or mean with anyone. He can get a bit testy with other dogs at first, especially ones larger than himself. But all in all, one of the best dogs
I have to say two things here also: one, Chihuahuas are early warning systems. They bark to let you know something is "different" or not right to them. Mine cornered a possum a week ago and all he did was pace in front of the silly thing and bark, didn't try to go after it at all. That said, they are very trainable. Since we first got Gizmo, my husband has used the Dog Whisperer's methods for training him and they work well. Any breed can be taught to behave, even Chihuahuas and pit bulls!

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I get the older ones from the NSPCA and it takes a little time to get them use to the new everything and the rules. But that said I have 9 right now and they are all great. Each with a different personality. My herd ranges from 11 years to 16 years old and some came already trained to use a doggie door. Some were not sure what I wanted them to do but after a couple of days. They got the just of it.
They are smart little ones. Take the time to make sure that they know what the rules are and they go well and so do I.
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My avatar is Cookie the chihuahua. MIL adopted her from Humane Society @ 6 months because she did not train her well. I found out I went adopted her. I have broken her of a lot of bad behavior. She never barked until a neighbor got a barker. She is smart enough when someone calls her stupid or talks bad about her, I don't know how she knows but, you can tell by the look on her face that she knows. She has never bitten or tried to bite anyone. I prefer poodles and Shih Tzu.
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I have a beautiful long haired Chihuahua that is nasty to everyone but me. I think she is a great dog but would not recommend them for small children. She lives with four other little dogs and they get along very well. She is rather aloof and would rather be left alone.
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Originally Posted by emt2004 View Post
Have two growing up,they were the sweetest dogs.Never had any problems with them.
my experience too.. my best. Friend always has Chi Wawas....

want a lap dog..indoor only...get a Pug .

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I would just research the breed all breeds have their pros and cons and all breeds have aggressive dogs. There are definitely sweet chihuahuas out there. They can be territorial over their favorite person. They can also be very jealous breed. Aggression is all about training and socialization. I work at a shelter so I have seen bad and good in every breed there is no one breed that is truly less aggressive than another all problems are owner created and it's sad. Me personally I don't like jealous possessive behavior so chihuahuas aren't for me unless they are the exception to the rule. I do think people get dogs without doing breed behavior research first and they end up getting returned for what to their breed is normal behavior. I have probably been bit by every breed imaginable so I would choose based on dogs personality. I love pitbulls one of my favorite breeds but they are too strong for me to even walk so they are out of the question for me even though they are the sweetest dogs personality wise. I used to want huskies but we get a lot in because they are destructive and I find them hard to work on so even though I think they are beautiful dogs, I no longer want one. I would spend some one on one time with dog before adopting. I just hate to see return dogs simply because people don't know what they are getting into
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Don't you have to dress the Chihuahuas during bad weather so they don't get cold with the short fur?
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