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The one that bugs me is 'random' acts of kindness, I would rather call it a conscious act of kindness or even a regular act of kindness.
There used to be an on-going thread on here for Random acts of kindness. I never understood that one. We don't put our addresses in our profiles so if someone wanted to unexpectedly send me something (random) they'd have to contact me to get my contact info. I used to read that thread and they users would send things back and forth in their group, that's not random. I agree, it should just be stated as an act of kindness. yrs ago, I found out a family that I knew but wasn't close friends had nothing for their kids for Christmas or anything to make a special Christmas dinner. My kids and I found things in our house and we gathered food and had a close neighbor of theirs come and get the stuff so that they had a special Christmas. I didn't need thanks and I didn't feel it was random because I like doing things for others when I can. I like to look at another saying when I think of helping people, its called what goes around comes around, most use that phrase when they talk about someone doing something bad to another but it can also pertain to when someone does something good too. I may not experience the good until after I die but its still there and I did it not to get something in return but to help someone and make thier day a little better. The way I figure it is that if I'm nice to someone rather its just in the way I talk to someone or treat them or if I see they have a need and I can provide them with it then it makes me happy to have hopefully made them happy. I've been told by many that I have an infectous smile, I don't know but when I walk down the street, or in a store or at work I try to smile and say hi to most people I meet. Most of the time I at least get a smile in return.