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countertops; granite, quartz, etc.?????? >

countertops; granite, quartz, etc.??????

countertops; granite, quartz, etc.??????

Old 04-01-2015, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by lynnie View Post
everyone goes with granite thinking it's the best. it isn't quartz is better,
you don't have to seal it. it will not burn, granite can burn from something hot placed on it
granite will also scratch. quartz won't look into it, ask questions at the counter top stores.
they will show you comparisons, and tell you what's best. the most expensive is not always
the best. check out your options before buying this time. good luck.
I agree. I would find a quartz product. A former friend of mine had granite installed and in no time, there were scratches !! YIKES!
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We wanted a bright red counter top 10 feet long to go on an island and the only product we found was Ceasarstone Quartz, it gets hard use as our computers sit on one end of it and we spend a great deal of time....it also is a "landing place" for items as we come in the house.. No scratches, scorches..love, love, love it.
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At $50+ per square foot (that's $100 a running foot of countertop,) I am staggered at the price of the high-end materials. They are so-o-o-o beautiful, but Wow! are they expensive, especially if you have a large kitchen. I think I would stay with laminate and spend the extra money on airplane tickets. But, as always -- to each his/her own.
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Silverstone or Quartz would be the two I'd consider
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Originally Posted by Juliebelle View Post
We had granite installed in December I love it and the installers did a great job, no mess and they did not damage our backsplash which goes perfect with the counters. We debated long and hard but after 3 months of looking we decided that it was the way to go. The one we got was from lowes and does not need to be sealed for 10 years.
This is exactly what we're in the process of having installed now! I'm glad to hear you're happy with yours. I hate that we have to go 3 weeks without a countertop or kitchen sink waiting for it, though. 1 week down, 2 to go.

We had quartz in our last house and I really loved it, but prices have gone up and we can't really afford it for this house. So we got the pre-sealed granite. I was leery so we bought a sample and spent a few days abusing it and it's pretty rugged stuff. I left red wine and mustard on the sample overnight and it cleaned off without leaving any marks. I had to gouge at it with a screwdriver to put scratches in it - rubbing keys over it even with moderate pressure didn't do it. I also like that the 10-year warranty transfers to new owners - we will probably sell this house within the next 3-5 years so that was a nice bonus too.

The counter we just ripped out was 14 year old tile - the grout was literally crumbling away and they were just gross. No matter what, the new counters will be so much better than that! I love solid-surface counters for the kitchen and can't wait to have one again!
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We got granite about five years ago. Had it treated so it doesn't have to be sealed every year. Supposed to last for close to 15 years. So far so good.....no scratches or marks. Only thing we have to do is NOT use a citrus based cleaner on it because it could hurt the seal. I like it a lot and waited a long, long time for the kitchen remodel!
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Hard rock maple. Mine have lived with us for just over 30 years. They are forgiving, beautiful, and indestructable. They get better with age. The care is simple. I use warm water and DAWN and/or, depending on how I am feeling and what I'm cleaning up, a 1 to 1 combinatin of ammonia, rubbing alcohol, and water (there is a spray bottle full of this stuff on the counter now).

Please be aware that "us" is a husband and two children and all their hungry friends. The hard rock maple counter tops have seen action and the occasional oops. One of my better decisions throughout my life, those counter tops. Not anywhere close to the "husband" one, though.

Enjoy what you choose.


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My vote would be quartz if you can afford it. Or Silestone. My kitchen needs new tops, but am waiting (due to $$). We have lots of countertop space, so waiting. My experience with granite, not so much. It gets "dirty", and "ages" fast-imho. Seeing other folks' granite after time, no thanks. I need durable.
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Don't believe the sales pitch on Corian countertops. I did and now regret it but in the model home (where no one lives or uses) it was beautiful. They do stain, scratch, burn etc.........................
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Thanks for all this info. Very helpful. Thanks again.
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