distressed sneakers

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Buy a cheaper pair and go play in a mud puddle.
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For people who like jeans with holes in them, I have a BRAND NEW car that comes complete with dents and rust, that I will sell you for a premium price!!
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Today everyone wants everything to look old and worn except for our faces, HA HA. I have two top of the line teachers that teach making jeans and both show you how and when to distress your jean fabric before you do certain steps. They are looking old before they are even created into something useful. To bad it wasn't like that growing up, we were lucky to have shoes and if we did, I guarantee they had holes in them. We hated them but today we'd be right on trend. Go figure.
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If I wanted a pair (and didn't feel like making them) I'd go to the thrift store or Walmarts and buy a pair and do the distressing myself. all you need is a sander, rough brush, etc. even some bleach splatters. My kids in their late 20's wear them but if my daughter buys jeans that look new, she doesn't distress them. Her kids, 11 and under don't like going to school with holes in their jeans. So as always the trend is starting to change a little but by the time they grow up it could come back around again. I love it when my daughter will show me something she bought and ask if I like it. I'll say yes and I liked it when I was twenty too. Fashion just keeps cycling. At least she is smart enough to go to thrift stores and her friends live in ritzy areas and there, she also goes dumpster diving. You'd be amazed at the things that get thrown out when people have money to buy more.
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Pre-owned????? $225 ?????? I want to meet the person who would buy such a thing! That's 20 yards of fabric!
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A fool and his money are soon parted...
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At last my trainers are fashionable
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I often wonder why brains go out the window when some jerk decrees "this will be the latest fashion"? You walk around in dirty ragged clothes and the jerk gets rich. Or the jeans cut so low you can't keep them up unless they are uncomfortably tight. Or any of the tiny handkerchief sized bits of clothing that cost thousands. "A fool and his money.......", as my grannie was fond of saying
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Some people have gone stark raving MAD!!!
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Have u seen the mud looking jeans?? It sells for round $450,
Ha, maybe I should ut some converse sneakers on & Levi and run thru som Georgia red clay mud and sell'em?? I'd be rich! Lol
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