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do you feel you need to sanitize/disinfect/sterilize when you clean your home ? >

do you feel you need to sanitize/disinfect/sterilize when you clean your home ?

do you feel you need to sanitize/disinfect/sterilize when you clean your home ?

Old 12-18-2017, 12:56 PM
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Bathrooms and kitchen always. I take Methotrexate so always have to be very careful. I am one of the ones you will see with wipes cleaning my grocery cart before using.
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I only beach the toilet bowl, everything else gets vinegar or baking soda or hot water and soap. I put my cutting boards in the dishwasher too. I agree with everyone here, we do need some germs in our lives.
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I use a little vinegar in the water for the floor tiles. I also use it for the hardwood. Cutting boards and toilet bowls do get sanitizing. I like the house to be clean, sometimes it is hard with the dynamic duo, ( 6 year old twins) so clean enough is what I aim for!
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what "bugs me" the most is a dirty dustpan and broom.I make most of my own cleaners due to allergy to bleach(asthma).its amazing how white vinegar kills a lot of germs.
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Originally Posted by Jingle View Post
Vinegar is suppose to clean most things, maybe let it soak if real dirty. You can use baking soda with it as an abrasive.
But don't mix them. Vinegar is an acid and baking soda is a base. You'll end up with nothing!
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No, I don't. There is such a thing as to clean. I use vinegar water and a squirt of soap.
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Originally Posted by toverly View Post
No, I think too much clean isn't good. We all need a little dirt in our lives. I use bleach for toilet bowls or biohazards on floors. Everything else gets good ol' soap and hot water.
Me too - exactly. Just read the book, I Contain Multitudes, about microbes and bacteria and "the nature of life on earth" and I am convinced this is the better approach.
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Guess I'm the odd (wo)man out here. I hate the smell of vinegar, and so does my family. I use Windex for windows, Clorox Gel toilet bowl cleaner, will use a little of bleach water on the bathroom floor if necessary to get rid of urine smell. My dusting consists of furniture polish. During flu season, I like to spray doorknobs with Lysol, but I am not a clean freak. I just like a fresh clean scent, and sometimes that means chemicals.

Now, I do hate a dirty mop, so I love the Swiffer on my hardwood floors. I dry mop them probably 3x/month, and just once a month or so, I use a solution of mostly water and a drop of Dawn in a spray bottle to clean and shine the hardwood floors (which is only in our kitchen). I quickly towel dry it with my feet as I go so that water never sits on hardwood. I hate a dirty broom, too, so I'm forever picking the dog hair clumps off of it. Gross.

I use a diluted Pine-Sol in a spray bottle to clean most bathroom surfaces. However, I rarely use hand sanitizer except when I'm in certain public places that really gross me out.

When my fridge is yucky inside, I wash all the shelves and drawers in hot, soapy water; baking soda for anything stuck on.

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No too much actually studies have shown is one of the reasons why we are starting to see a lot of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Dirt and germs are actually how your body builds up immunities so never understand why people go so overboard about it
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Not really. I am not a crazy cleaner but I use bleach in the shower and toilet and Pine Sol on the floor. I disinfect the raw meat cutting board and air dry the dishes I hand watch. I have a super filter on the furnace so I get very little dust on anything. If one of us gets sick, I do try to be diligent about cleaning to keep the other person healthy, but that is it.
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