Dye went awry! Any advice?

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You might try to do the bleach tie dye method to salvage them instead of tossing. Saw something on Tik Tok ( I think ) and it looked nice.
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Originally Posted by willferg View Post
Are you located anywhere near Dharma Trading Company? It's not far from me.

I have no suggestions on the dye, though, I probably would have used a dark blue Sharpie!
I love Dharma dyes. I just finished a queen quilt for Husband and they were very helpful. I was using a Call of the Wild panel and I sent the Dharma people a link to it. I told them that I was trying to match the color of a particular section and they gave me exactly the right recommendation.
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Originally Posted by EveryMann View Post

Original poster here, and I'm just following up.

I did get a message back from the customer service department of the company (5.11) that made the two tactical polo shirts in question. They advise that the shirts, though 100% cotton, have been treated with a special "anti-fade" coating that would inhibit the dye from taking. That's it: closure on this issue.

It's more than a little bit ironic that these two new-with-tags shirts will now be relegated to the trash bin because their original color has been compromised around the collar due to sun exposure on display mannequins, and though they are 100% cotton, the "anti-fade" treatment applied by the manufacturer precludes my attempts at restoring the color through dyeing.
Before you throw them away, try a fabric marker. Or some Fountain pen ink. Hey, they're thrashed already, nothing to lose, right? I'm the crazy experimenter, as you can tell, lol.
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Ink can be fantastic... modern dying inks are lovely to work with from what I've heard. Again, the best stuff seems to be worked on rayon these days.

Remember back when you could buy fountain pen ink in bottles? That stuff was like a black hole if you spilled it.

My thing with the "102%" cotton came from a similar sort of issue and a number of exchanges with customer service and such.

And otherwise -- now you do have something fun to play with bleach techniques or wear while painting!
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I have not died anything but a friend has done it a lot to get the right color fabric for a specific costume she was designing. We had a white nurse dress that was made for another show. She wanted a forest deep green. She dyed it and it came out mint. She forgot that it was a polyester. Now whenever she mentions dying something I gently say to her remember "mint". We have dyed very little since
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