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It isn't only printed materials or text on tv. Do not get me started on the tiny print on the microwave keyboard.

The knobs on my stove have a very light grey line to identify how high or low the heat is. I can't see it and have to remember which side of the knob was on off before I turned the burner on. I hate it and think it's a safety hazard. Thank goodness there is a click when I turn it to the off position.
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I can say I agree with everyone. Some web sites use print so small that I go up 150% (if you are using IE, in the lower right corner there is a down arrow that you can click on to adjust the print). Of course, when I go to a site with normal print I have to re-adjust. The worst one for me is the bank --so tiny. I have given up trying to see the date on the watch (I swear it keeps shrinking). I got one .pdf that I could not increase large enough to read.
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Amen! to this! (I should have clicked on reply with quote ) I'm referring to dunster's post about dark print over black and mumbling on TV.

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And it gets worse.......printed info on vitamin/otc drugs....and sometimes even packaged/boxed semi prepared food....I have resorted to a hand held magnifying glass to read some instructions/information......
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Not only do they need to quit mumbling, but slow down.
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Originally Posted by dunster View Post
i think all of our eyes are getting weaker, and publications should realize that. What bothers me most is when they print red on black. Or sometimes even purple on black! And of course it's always small print. (and don't get me started on the muttering on tv. Speak up, people!)
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Except for the commercials!! (muttering)
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Originally Posted by quiltsRfun View Post
Here! Here! Also loud background music that drowns out the dialogue.
I thought it was just me, it drives me crazy trying to hear the voices.
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All my pet peeves too. Not to mention the weather people on local tv stations standing in front of our state when telling us the weather.
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Originally Posted by nativetexan View Post
he, he. i was having trouble reading white subtitles on light bkground the other day and my son went into Menu and enlarged the picture on the screen. it actually helped a bit. i still prefer them on black and wish they would put them at the top of the screen rather than cover the action. Same with news banners on the bottom. put on the top please!
I hear you!!!! I also agree about the banners at the bottom of the screen, too.

I agree with the other complaints, too, about the gray lettering and red (and other colors) on black. I have had cataract surgery 3 years ago and find I need brighter light than before surgery, too.
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