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Originally Posted by Geri B View Post
And it gets worse.......printed info on vitamin/otc drugs....and sometimes even packaged/boxed semi prepared food....I have resorted to a hand held magnifying glass to read some instructions/information......
This, too, is a pet peeve of mine. I don't like listening to someone sing who looks and sounds like he is almost kissing the mike. If I could see their lips, I might understand the words, especially if I have never heard the song before.
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And the other day, the weather man interrupted the Wheel of Fortune bonus round to tell us that a thunder storm was coming. Grrrrrr We never did find out if she won the $100,000. Grrrrrr
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Originally Posted by NanaCsews2 View Post
All my pet peeves too. Not to mention the weather people on local tv stations standing in front of our state when telling us the weather.

Id rather watch a weatherman in a suit, or even just shirt/pants, than some of these weather gals some really snug, short outfits and of course all long straight hair.......
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Default sub-titles, some are closed captions' and can be turned off

Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
I love Jenny Doan's tutorials BUT she also has the subtitles on the bottom of the screen, which gets in the way of hr demo.
That is the closed caption option and can be turned off.
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I, too, have a hard time with gray on white, especially on-line. One trick I use on the computer is to click and drag my cursor over the text I'm trying to read, and the resulting highlight of the text usually provides more contrast than the original so it's easier to read. I'm starting to email the administrators of these websites to complain about the use of grey and other low contrast colors...
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Do you notice that often TV ads aimed at older people are slower, plainer speaking, not a lot of screen changes. For younger target audiences, the ads get loud music, throbbing beats, color flashing, with each screen lasting less than a second. Even if I have my eyes closed, it is disturbing to have all that flashing on the screen, particularly in a dark room. Like strobe lights. Feels like it could produce a seizure, in anyone! Hardee's ads are some of the worst!
I don't know if they do it like this because so many younger folks have short attention spans, or because older folks are slower to comprehend. Maybe some of both. #So Sad!
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I have noticed the different colors of ink in a lot of magazines, especially TV Guide. It is so frustrating. It is bad enough that the print is so small; I can work with that. But when it is gray or another light color I many times have to skip over it. It is not worth the frustration!
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Oh, my other pet peeve is trying to find the use by/expiration date on many products. It seems to me that printing it under the price code would make it easier for everyone to find - same place no matter what the product!
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Originally Posted by SHELTIE'SMAMA View Post
I thrive in my reading chair when I have a "daylight" bulb in the lamp. Pricey but worth every penny to me. Just like the 'daylight' I have at every workstation in mt sewing room. Might be worth a try.
I put the daylight LED bulbs in every socket in the house. Even have then in the outside lights. I don't like the dark.
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I just read elsewhere that both tv and movies are now doing their audio so that it picks up all the background noise that would normally be in the scene--cause they can I guess. And in the past all that stuff was either omitted or truly background and the actual speaking was emphasized so no, we aren't all going deaf, it's just that we can't hear the actors cause of all the music, background noise, etc. Maybe commercials don't do this and that's why it seems like they are yelling at us!
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