Happy ending finally

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Default Happy ending finally

On Oct. 3rd my control panel for my oven shorted out sparks were flying everywhere. I tried to turn off and finally ran around the corner and pulled the circuit breaker. I called service/repair dept. on Monday and ordered up the part that would be needed to be replaced and they sent technician to make sure that would be the only part needed. He disconnected control panel and was able to turn power back on to the range top. In Dec. it was determinized that there were no parts available and would need a new stove. Lucky for me my stove was still under warranty (2 wks left) and I got a credit of $799 which was what I had originally paid for the stove so we ordered a new one. Again lucky for me the store had an order in for 3 stoves like I wanted and there was still one available so it was mine. The happy ending to this long story is that yesterday the store called and said my stove was in and we set up an appointment to deliver on Monday only took 4 months without an oven. Hubby is already writing up a list of what he wants baked-cookies, pies, cakes and bread. Quilting may have to be reduced to meet his desires.
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I would hate to be without my oven for any length of time. I could bake everyday and never tire of it. I bake cookies, scones, bread, biscuits, muffins, and cakes. I don’t bake everyday but when I do bake, I share with family.
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Originally Posted by Three Dog Night View Post
Hubby is already writing up a list of what he wants baked-cookies, pies, cakes and bread. Quilting may have to be reduced to meet his desires.
Well there's a learning experience if I've ever seen one! LOL
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I know how your husband feels. I have to bake goodies too. Mostly for me but the family gets them too. I am very picky about the flour I use and keep the pre made flour products to a minimum. The ones that are very good cost to much to be reasonable. I have a dough rising now for bread. Enjoy your new stove.
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A happy ending for sure! My stove went out a couple years ago on Labor Day Weekend and it was just outside of the warrantee. So I had to get a new one. It wasn't difficult since things were "normal' back then. Even being with out for a short time is a pain. I just hope this one last a bit longer. Glad that things are up and running for you again.
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Sounds like things will soon be back on track! We do not have a working oven at our cabin. Hasn't worked for the last 30+ years. The burners work. We have a microwave, crock-pot, toaster oven, electric griddle, electric fry pan, and outside grill. With all the other expenses and remodel costs, a new stove is still way down on the list. We spend a lot of time there, but I do appreciate my oven when I get home. Happy baking!
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You are so lucky it was still under Warranty! Congratulations!
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Right now I'm having my kitchen remodeled while a sunroom is being built along side it. Due to this pandemic materials have been hard to come by. My windows for the sunroom and kitchen were ordered back in October and still haven't arrived. My AC/Heat unit for the sunroom is having problems too. Got the interior unit installed but the exterior unit was waylaid down in KY for some sort of quarantine. So they ordered another one and it got here last Wednesday only to have someone run a forklift thru it. My contractor is so livid that he told the plumber either he gets another external unit here pronto or he can remove what he has installed and my contractor will get a whole unit in town. Seems supplies (plumbers) like to order out of state as they can get a rebate in their pocket while the residence is waiting forever. Then this week we had a snow storm come thru so the electrician that was supposed to show up on Monday or Tuesday..................didn't show up as I suspected he wouldn't. This is holding up insulating and wallboarding the kitchen walls. Right now all I have to use is my stove and sink. Have an extra microwave down in the basement but that's a lot of stairs for me to prepare my food. Also have fallen down the stairs twice this month alone so having to take it easy. Will be so glad when this is all done. Thought about getting new appliances for the kitchen but heard they are scarce so decided to wait another year before I did it. Glad I made that decision now.
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Wow, what a story! That’s great that they had what you wanted. Our refrigerator went out before Christmas. I wanted a GE Signature (I think that’s what it’s called) replacement, and they said it might be Feb before they made any more of the one I wanted! I ended up with something I normally wouldn’t pick. It’s fine, but a little disappointing.
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Glad you were able to get the stove replaced. That is so scary and glad you were home. This sounds like it should be reported to track the issue with that model. Thankful that the warranty worked for you.

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