Help!! I've been skunked!

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Angry Help!! I've been skunked!

Need ideas on how to rid my place of skunks. They have been spraying underneath my house and I can't get rid of the awful stench. I've been splashing ammonia around under there but I think it just makes them mad. As soon as I know they're not trapped under there, I can and will close up any holes that they can get thru but I can't have them dying under there.
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Put a radio under the house and turn it up loud. They will leave. They don't like the noise.
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I heard where tomato juice is suppose to get rid of skunk smell. I'd sure be careful....they could be rabbid. I think I would be calling animal control to see if they could trap them and move them away from your house. Good luck in getting rid of skunks and their smell.
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Our county's animal control will NOT have anything to do with skunks. I've already tried them. At best, they will bring out traps if available, but it's up to the homeowner to dispose of the skunk. I've got a spare radio, I'll try that and let you know.
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My stand by to get rid of most any animal you don't want around is to sprinkle moth balls.
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Mothballs are benzene based- a carcinogen. However- they do work. Never use them where a child or pet can get them or near a garden, food or water. Maybe use the flakes instead so they will evaporate more than soak into the soil. A loud radio on a wireless remote helps. You can set it off at varied times. See if you can find a hunting store with coyote or bobcat oil scent. It Really stinks so use it sparingly- maybe put it on a rag tied to a rope. Push it under the porch a bit Very slowly with a pole. Leave it for a few days after the last time you notice the skunks. Then put a drop or two along the entrance to keep them away til you can pull out the rag and close the hole. Hot pepper flakes will get into their eyes and mouths causing them as much distress as it causes us. However- they may spray. Good Luck!
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Check with your feed store. They were able to recommend a product that we sprayed under the house to get rid of raccoon. They were gone within 2 days.
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Last summer my dog got skunked twice in one week. I used a large bottle hydrogen peroxide and about 1/2 cup baking soda. Mix in a dish pan. It will foam. wash any affected areas then rince. It should reduce any odor left on the house, ground, your self. We have alot of skunks here too. You cant leave windows open in the summer because of the odor. They spray almost every night. I have only lived here 2 summers. This year if it is as bad I plan on going to the Township and see what can be done.
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google it to find out if there is anything to get rid of them and then the smell
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My mom has a lot of problems with skunks getting under her house. We have to trap them in the live traps then call Game and Fish and they'll come remove them. We live far enough out that when my DH sees one in the field, it becomes a dead skunk pretty quick.
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