How To Sell Your Sister

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Originally Posted by levi View Post
it didn't work!
LOLOL. Too funny!!!!!!!
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Hello Alu,
Nice to see you once again. I hope college is going well.

Very funny paper, I have 4 sisters, 2 have gone on their journey home. One sister lives in Michigan we talk weekly for hours on the phone, thank goodness for unlimited long distance. The 3 I spoke of I was not raised with them so our relationship was a lot different than the one with my youngest sister.
I guess you could say we had the best sister friendship growing up. We never fought, we shared the same room until I was 17. She was there when I was in labor and gave birth to her namesake (all 17 hours of labor then a c-section). When were became adults we were pure terrorists on
Our parents raised all of us to take care of one another and back their play when needed. so there were a few times I had to scare the hibby jibbies out of

All in all I do love my sisters...although I wish Mom had left the oldest one in the cabbage patch where she found her......LOL
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Very clever story. Put a laugh in my day, that's for sure. I had an older and a younger sister. With the age differences between us, we were more friends than enemies, but my sister being closer to my age annoyed the heck out of me when I turned 13 or 14 and she was about 7. After I went off to college, she couldn't treat me any sweeter than she did. We are best of friends to this day. My older sister died 10/12 years ago. Thanks again for the laugh.
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Ha! Such a funny thread! Great paper! Sounds like there are a lot of us out here who can identify! I couldn’t wait to have a baby sister..I was 8 when she was born. What a bitter disappointment when she got spoiled rotten shortly thereafter! Mom was 42 when she was born, so I guess that happens. She was always a pampered princess..still is..but somewhere along the way I decided to let her live and we have developed a grownup relationship. Thanks for the chuckles!
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My folks didn't get it right. They asked me if I wanted a sister or brother. I told them I wanted a brother like my friends have. They brought home a baby. All my friends had older brothers. The topper was when they had the 3rd boy. I went to the hosp., and told her she could have had a girl this time. A nurse walked by, and told me that wasn't the way to talk to your sister. I told her that the baby in the nursery is my brother. I was 20 when he was born, and had 2 little ones of my own. I miss them, I live in FL., oldest bro. lives in IA., next one lives in UT., and the baby lives in CO..
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I always wanted a sister so I cannot relate. I was in the middle of 4 boys.
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