July weight loss

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Grilled peaches sounds really good, Pat! I've never made them. Congratulations on the quilts! I'm sure it will be fun to go to the fair and see them on display.

I had some peaches today and were disappointed. They were not juicy and were a bit tart. Maybe I'll go to the farmer's market tomorrow. I had a very healthy dinner and am fasting now because I have a physical tomorrow morning. I'm afraid I'll forget that I'm fasting and stick something in my mouth! I know the dr. is going to tell me to lose weight! I made it to the gym this morning and pushed myself a little more and am so glad I did. It's nothing great, I'm only up to 20 mins of aerobic activity (bike, elliptical, treadmill) and a few weights. Even better - tomorrow is my yoga class with my favorite instructor!
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Congrats Pat!! That is awesome. I've never entered anything in our fair but I do enter quilts in our local quilt show. It is not judged so no winners or losers.
I had a nice weekend with my mom. Even got out and walked a couple of times.
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Congratulations, Pat. Our fair is coming up and I have a couple I could enter. Your avatar deserves to be best of show.
I'll chose a batik tomorrow and get in the mail. It won't be hard - they are strung over one side of the family room.

My weight loss is stuck. I really need to get out and walk, but that's a while off. The pins are out and the first Xrays look good, but the doctor told me when this cast comes off, a big boot goes on. I tried to resist, but it didn't work. One of the new plates is very large and one rather small. Do I even want the cast off? At least the foot is immobilized now so the pain isn't too bad. 9 more days. I told my friend that we are going on a road trip afterwards. I won't be climbing Sleeping Bear sand dune, but I want to go up that way and go through the Pierce Stocking drive. I won't drive in Traverse City traffic with my 'wrong' foot and Tom likes to drive my car so it works out just fine.
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Irish, glad to hear it is healing nicely. It is so hard to behave yourself after surgery. I rode my bike 2 miles yesterday. I also noticed last night that I went up the stairs without holding on to the railing. It is getting close to 100% better. The PT asked me if I was glad I had the surgery. Oh yes! 2 weeks after surgery it felt a lot better than before. I have a brace I am supposed to wear most of the time. I just got it on Friday. It pushes on the outside of my knee to open up the joint on the inside so I can start getting shots again. I'm not sure it fits right. It seems like it is too big. I am going to have the PT check it out today. Then I am going to go see my quilts:-)
I had a hard time parting with one of my batiks. Every one of them I picked out I just couldn't part with. Batiks are my favorite, even the ones that are colors I don't like I can't part with. I guess I should quit eating so I don't have to.
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Went on the Quilters Quest shop hop last weekend. 7 stores in 2 days. I'm sure I didn't lose weight because of the wonderful snacks and lunches provided, but, I know I lost $$$. Looking at the row by row challenge ----some are so beautiful. Just might contemplate doing it.
This is a fatigue week for me, as was last week. Took me 3 days to unpack my purchases.

I empathize with KalamaQuilts. I, too, have fibro plus Sjogrens (fatigue, joint pain, etc) and Carcinoid (joint pain). Never know which is bothering me. Now I have a Bakers Cyst that needs draining so am not doing my balance exercises.
Bought a Fitbit --- tossed the receipt and lo and behold it didn't work! Had to bang on it more than several times to see the numbers, I walked a mile on the treadmill and it registered 22 steps. Took it back, but since I paid cash, they would not replace it. Lesson learned ----keep receipts or charge.

10 more days until the end of the month ---let's really dig in and concentrate on bettering our lives. May the biggest loser win the batiks and the rest of us - may we lose and never regain!

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I"m not surprised, it is a gorgeous quilt.

darn it, my post is gone again. Poot.
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I went to the fair today to see my quilt. I didn't have much time to look around. My star quilt has best of show. I also entered a Christmas wall hanging that won 2nd place and a bag I made that won 2nd place. Very happy with the results. I need to figure out how to post pictures from my iPhone.
We had grilled peaches for dessert last night. Tonight I wasn't so good, I had chocolate truffles.
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Just checking in - have a great day everyone.

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bjsmith, are you planning on a batik quilt? You make sure to check in every week so I have a feeling your weight loss is going well.

Pat, I almost took the dogs on a very short walk Sunday night, but my son called from New York just in time. He wants me to wait for the boot as it should be more stable than the cast. I can only bear weight on my heel so going over backwards on rough pavement could happen. I can see it now - if I fall over, I can't get up alone without a chair or something nearby. I would have to call a daughter or my friend and sit and wait. If I do decide to try it, I will have a phone with me. Saturday was my first day upright (with crutches) and today is only Tuesday. Patience has never been my strong suit.

The front of the circle quilt is nearly done. I love it. I can see where I will need to duplicate it in my colors. I guess I'd better get busy and drop some pounds so I can see what color batiks our group has added. The rusts, greens and blues are gorgeous, but I want pinks and reds for me. I have most of the blocks done for the back, too.

I AM losing weight and becoming healthier.
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Hi Everyone! We just got back from our trip to Scotland and Ireland and we had a wonderful time. So much history. We met so many wonderful people and I really did not want to come back. The countryside was spectacular and the flower gardens that we saw were fantastic. Too much leg swelling this morning to brave the scale but I will jump on tomorrow morning. Vacation is over. The flight from Shannon, Ireland to Chicago was not so bad but the 5 hour layover in Chicago was awful. We left Shannon a 11AM and got home at 10PM. My sister who stayed with mom during our time away had cheesecake and cookies waiting for us on our return. ( Oh joy, Oh rapture!) I did taste a little evening and now I just want them gone so that they don't keep calling to me. It is time to get back to normal.

Meanmom, congratulations on your quilt entries to the State Fair. I hope you will be able to post photos. I am sure we would all enjoy seeing them.
Kalama, my mom lives with us and is 89 years old. In the last two years we have been watching her decline. Although her dementia is sill early, we know that things will just continue to progress as there is no halting dementia. I am glad that my two oldest sisters were able to come to stay with mom to allow us to take our trip. They staggered their time so that there would always be someone here. At least they know first hand about her decline.
Hope everyone is doing well this month. I am only hoping that I don't cry tomorrow morning when I brave the scale. We did walk quite a bit during the vacation and I even managed to get in 5 miles of walking at the airport yesterday while we were waiting for flight.
Have a good week everyone.
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