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Thread: The kindness of strangers

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    Super Member valsma's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Sharonsews
    Glad your Mom is doing better. My FIL is in Hospice. I have things (crochet, material, etc) in the van to work on but can't do it. My hands aren't the steadiest. My SIL has an ipad to play games on to pass time and we talk about different trips that MIL and FIL took alone and with their gkids, all the years swimming at their pool, etc. I feel guilty for laughing at some of the silly stories while he is laying there. I feel guilty for eating while he snoozes - asleep for 3 days now. Is this normal to feel this way? I want to be there for my husband.
    Oh my gosh yes. When my FIL was in the hospital a few days before he passed they put him in a single room because the hospital staff knew he was in in final days. We packed that room with family and friends, we didn't sit there waiting for dad to pass in sadness, we shared our memories and laughter with each other. We talked about dad and all the wonderful things he meant to each of us. When he fianlly took his last breath we were all laughing about something that dad had said or done at a long ago family picnic. He was the rock of our family but we know that he heard us and could leave mom in the loving care of his family. She joined him about 6 months later.
    I think it is normal to feel guilt, but you and your husband still need to go on and live. It will do your FIL no good if you make yourself ill and cannot spend time with him before his time is done. At least you are there for him, some familys do not even bother when a family memeber gets to that stage. God bless.

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    Raven, Va
    Quote Originally Posted by star619
    Good story! Maybe he wasn't just a gas clerk!
    Maybe entertaining of an angel unaware?
    So glad there are still nice people in this crazed world!
    Glad your Mother is doing better.

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    Sue what a nice thing he did ,glad to hear your mom better and plue some new scissors from the kindiness of a stranger

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    Thank you for this thread. I try to be kind and it just hollows out my heart when people just seem to take things as their right and not acknowledge the feeling behind it. Reading this reminds me that sometimes people do feel very appreciative, even if they do not express it because of something else going on with them. All the more reason to try to be kind.

    And I do believe in karma too! People have been amazingly kind to me at various times in my life. I really appreciate them all and think of them often.

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    Super Member C.Cal Quilt Girl's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Central Ca
    Enjoy reading these positive stories !!! Thanks all for sharing !!

    Sometimes not the big things that make the difference in a persons day, sometimes all it takes is a grin. :)

    Susan glad your Mom is doing better!!
    Sharonsews...He knows {{Huggs}} Hang in there!

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    We believe making others happy and comfort is (Sadaqah) and God rewards u after it

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    Super Member Moonglow's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if everyone behaved like that gas clerk. Glad your Mom is doing better. Thank you for sharing this story.

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    Super Member ptquilts's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    when I was much younger I worked PT in a non-chain drugstore in an older urban neighborhood. I always made it a point to smile and speak kindly to the older customers, after my boss pointed out one who he said came in every day to buy the paper because that was his only contact with the outside world. I figured I might be the only person they interact with that day, so I wanted to make it a good interaction.

    That was a nice oldfashioned drugstore, there was a chair where you could sit and wait for your meds to be filled. One old guy used to come in, sit down and sleep for awhile, no one ever bothered him.

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    Senior Member tlcquiltnut's Avatar
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    central Iowa
    I am so inspired by these stories of kindness. That is what we all need today, more kindness'. I hope you all keep telling your kindness stories it surely lifts my day....:)

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    a regular here dljennings's Avatar
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    North Oxford MA
    years ago, i was traveling by plane with a 3 mo old baby in f front carrier, a 3 yr old in one of those umbrella strollers, diaper bag, tote bag, a sprained wrist & broken ankle... it was a fun trip..

    i had to change planes with less than 1/2 hour layover time, and you just know the planes were as far apart as they could possibly be. i was really young, had no idea that with a little advance notice, the airline could have helped me

    i was race hobbling thru the airport when 3 young marines asked if i needed some help.. one took the stroller & the bags, the other two put me & the baby in some kind of wounded carry, kind of made a seat with their arms & carried me to the gate.. they got away before i could even thank them.

    i would never have made it in time without there help..and have always tried to make a point to help people traveling with small kids.. they always look so frazzeled, and of course to try to help any member of our armed services, even if its just paying a tab when i see them sitting in a restaraunt.

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