Kittens in the Coal Mine

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Look what hubby brought home last night! Three little kittens!

My husband is an underground coal miner. There had been this cat running around up there for the last year. It was wild, wouldn't let anyone touch it or even get near it. So, the miners would leave food for it, and all the miners started bringing cat food for it.

It winds up pregnant, and still won't let anyone anywhere near it. It has the kittens. They looked everywhere for them, and couldn't find them anywhere. She was a wiley mommy, she hid them well.

Fast forward a 4-5 weeks and the kittens started coming out! She had them down inside this concrete block like thing. They found 6 kittens.

Ok, now here's the funny thing. They found another mommy cat ran over in the road in front of their mines. They looked and looked for her kittens and couldn't find them anywhere.

A few days later, they go back to try to see the kittens, and there were 10 kittens now! They think that mommy cat #1 got the dead mommy's kittens and is taking care of them!

The kittens were eating good, so they all decide to take them home. My husband got 3. BUT, they are TINY. I think they were too small to take from the mommy, really. Two of them are eating great, like little pigs, the other one is really skittish and isn't eating at all. I'm going to try a dropper with milk, and see how that goes. It may be sick, poor thing.

The little white one is so TINY! Its about a fourth of the size of the other two. Its so sweet, its played with me all morning! They've(the kids) named it "Diamond", because coal turns into diamonds. Poor little thing was covered in coal dust when they got here.

Now, I've got to find some homes. I can't keep them all 3! But, I really want to, lOL!
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Aaawww!!! Cute kitties and a wonderful (a little sad) story to go with them!!!
Good luck!!
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They are adorable. Perhaps the white one was one of Mom#2's kittens, and born a little later.
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mix a little cat food in some milk and strain it then give it to the little white one it will help it to learn to eat, they all look to small to take away from the mum but if you nead to quite them down a bit now is the best time, put some food on your fingers and feed them like that for a few days and they will let you do anything with them after a week or so. good luck finding homes for them
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Congrats on your new kitties. What a story. Thanks for sharing that. Glad they will be taken care of. Now thanks to caring people like you they'll have a wonderful life. ;)
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Precious kittens. Such adorable faces. Give all of those men a hug from me - they sound like a very compassionate group of men. God Bless them for their kindness.
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AW, what great guys, to make sure the kitties are okay!!!!
At the petshop, they have cans of "kitten formula", just like for real babies, you might want to try that. Some cats cant tolerate cows milk, and will get the runs, (ask me how I know, LOL).
They are all just adorable, kittens are so fun!
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They are so adorable! May you and all the other miners be blessed for taking in these babies.
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They have tamed down so quick! Last night, they would hiss and bite and scratch, but this morning they are loving all over me! Especially the little black and white one. He's taking his head and rubbing it against my hand, so I'll scratch his head. But, they all will let me hold them and they are all playing, too, sweet as could be! Fast learners, aren't they?

The little white one is eating great. So it the black and white one. Its the one I've been calling "Patches" (white with black and brown patches) that won't eat. I tried putting cream on my fingers, tuna , milk, cat food and he wont eat any of it. The other two are eating like little piglets, LOL! The little, tiny white one is eating more than the other two put together.

I took a dropper and put cream in it, and kind of made him drink it, but it was rough. I hate to do that to him. My vet is normally in on Sat. but he's closed today, answering machine said he had a family emergency. I know they sell the kitten formula, I had to bottle feed a baby possum once and that's what it had to have! Thats a whole other story, LOL. I'll post it another time.

Any other suggestions until I can get to the kitten formula? I may have to go to the next town over and get it today, if he doesn't eat soon.
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What a great story, and cute kittens. Give the guys some high fives for their caring about the wee ones. And mamma cats will take in orphans! Mine took in a babby rabbit years ago.
Sorry, I can't help with the food situation. Keep us informed so if we have that problem, we will know what to do!
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