Midnight Serenade

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Default Midnight Serenade

What in the world? There is a very loud bird that sings outside my bedroom window. That's nice - except it's at 2-4 AM. What kind of crazy bird does this? He sings for hours at a time, for goodness sake! Yes, he keeps me awake. I live in So. Calif. and am not familiar with song birds. I only know canaries. Does anyone know what kind of bird sings at night? He is very melodic. I have no idea what he looks like because it's dark out and he sits up in a tree.

I know there's nothing I can do, but it would nice to know what kind of bird he is. Any ideas?
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I Googled & it sounds like you are hearing a Northern Mockingbird,
common in Orange County at 2 AM.
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yep, it's a mockingbird.....noisy little birds. We have one every year that nests in a large bush right outside our bedroom window, very annoying sometimes as they can squack all night
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Yes, we had one at our house about 30 years ago, while I was still living with my parents. My dad threatened to shoot it, as did most of the neighbors. It was very annoying as we did not have air conditioning and just kept windows open at night.
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I also vote for the mockingbird. I've got one too and while I don't want to do grievous bodily harm to it, some nights I lay there and wish he'd shut up!!
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My husband hates the mockingbird for that exact reason. Very melodic bird but also a very early riser.
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I concur--a mocking bird. I had the same problem in NC. I suggest putting an owl in the tree or bush or hang outside your window. That might help.
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.....don't have that species around here, I don't think, but have a little frog that has decided to live in my backyard somewhere...and he/she croaks most of the night.......but that's okay....it's life in another form and I enjoy it.
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Mockingbird! Yes, those lovely loud birds!

Growing up there was one that lived in the tree by my bedroom, and he'd do CAR ALARM sounds at 2AM.

I have ALWAYS had insomnia, though, and was often already awake and just laying there, so I felt a kinship with my loud feathery neighbor. I'm still fond of Mockingbirds because of it.

I also know those birds mate for life and can be very vengeful - we had a family cat that killed a mockingbird and then could not go outside again for several years because the mate of the bird she'd killed was watching and waiting for her to step outside. The bird would swoop her endlessly, and peck holes in her head! (My cats are indoor-only now that I live on my own!)
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I wish I had just a bird. They put a train station just behind my house and they run 22 hours a day except Sunday. Then they start again at 11pm. They run one each way every half hour.
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