Need Help Tablecloth Hem

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Default Need Help Tablecloth Hem

I have a request to hem a table cloth and need your advise. It is a heavier fabric more on the line of an uphostery fabric. I need help deciding the best way to do this job. Should I proceed by first turning the raw edge under by 1/4 inch and then making an additional 1/2 inch fold sort of like you would use when hemming a pair of slacks? Or, would it be better to avoid the 1/4 inch fold by using a light weight binding ( like the ribbon product used on satin material ) to avoid the rather thick fold line that would show when the hem line was pressed? Also, would it look cheap if I machine stitch the hem rather than sew it by hand since it is a rather large size?

All commemts and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance for reading and responding to my cry for help.
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I have never made a table cloth out of heavy material, but my perferred method is to use the serger to hem a tablecloth. Looks nice and is much quicker than hemming it.
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If it's very thick (i.e. difficult to fold twice) I would use the serger then fold it
once and do the hemming. The hems I've seen on tablecloth are usually 1/4".
But there is no rule.
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My suggestion is go to a store that has linens, tableclothes and peek at how they are hemmed.......all of mine are a rolled hem......
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I think only one fold would be better. Serging is a very good idea for the edge. But the corners will be very bulky. Here is how I handled the corners on one very large one I made. I folded the corner of the cloth RST on the diagonal. Put it under the machine with the folded edge going into the needle first. The tip of that triangle needs to be at a predetermined distance from the needle. Best to mark this spot so all corners turn out equally. Sew across corner. Your sewing line will be at right angles to the fold. Then check it to see that it will lay flat. Trim seam and press open as best you can. Trim as much as you dare at the tip without cutting the sewing thread, and open that seam. Turn corner right side out. Now you have a flat corner with as little bulk as possible.

The one I made was 8 feet long. Two years ago we were there for Thanksgiving-Hanukkah party and the candles stayed burning while we played the gift game. A napkin caught fire and a hole was burnt into the table cloth. The next morning the maid threw the cloth into the trash. I felt sooo bad because I could have shortened the cloth for another table.
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I might attach a bias tape and then hem stitch it.
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First question that popped in my head, do they requesters know if that fabric is washable?? I really hate to see someone do a lot of hard work, the be undermined by the wrong fabric.
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You could also simply bind it.
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I have made several large tablecloths using heavier fabric. I fold each corner in to form a triangle then I turn fabric up and sew 1/4 inch all the way around. Next I turn this up 1/2 inch, press, pin and sew all around it sewing close to the edge so your hem lays flat and does not curl back. Your corners lay nice this way. They have been washed and dried many times and have held up well.
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I made a large table cloth out of heavier fabric to help protect the table from playing dominos. I used a bowl and drew around it on each corner so I ended up with rounded corners and then used the satin bias tape and it turned our really well.
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