other names for grandma

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Why not let the child choose?

My oldest son was first grandchild on both sides of the family. My Mum wanted to be Granny, but he decided to call her Mama. I was Mummy. He called his dad's mum Grandma Roberts (yes always with her last name).

He called my dad Par-par. There was no other grandpa when he was born. Later when Grandma Roberts remarried, he called her husband Grandpa David.

I had a Granny and Great Granny on Mum's side, plus a Grandpa until I was 8. My dad's Mum was called Mar-mar. I named her that when I started to talk and it stuck until she died when I was 16. All the family called her Mar-mar, including my friends.

My younger two kids have Nana (xh mum) and Mama, but often call them Grandma Nana and Grandma Mama.

Grandpa Bill is (xh) Dad and Grandpa David is Mama's second husband (not Grandma Roberts second husband).
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My Mom was Grammy, which I really liked, but it was in use...

My son asked me what I wanted my grandma name to be. I took some time and thought about it. Then I let him know that I would like to be called "Oma" or "Gma" as they sound loving and friendly to me. I also told him that I was already used to either of those names, since he and his siblings so often addressed me as "Gee, Ma,..." or "Oh, Ma, ..." His response to me started with."Gee, Ma" I stopped him and said "I rest my case."

He and his then girlfriend chose "Oma". Later, my Mother told me that "Oma" was the German Grandmother name.

It is the name I most love to hear. It means my grandchildren are nearby!
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Unfortunately, the ss takeback of $$ is the law. It's on the SS web page, and available for us to see and read every day. Most of us don't take in the details of things like SS - including me, so we get surprised by stuff like this. The government had no choice. But, yeah, sometimes we wish that the govenment would make a mistake in our favor.

any grand parent name is really ok, if it's said with love and respect, especially from a child.
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We are a blended family. My DIL parents divorced, and both married again. She also has a child from a previous relationship. We don't do "steps", so there are great grandmas, and grandmas.....all called gramma Nancy, gramma Mary, etc. I think there are 7 of us!! Same with "grampas". Not sure how it evolved to "gramma"....but works for us!
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My first granddaughter was given my name as her middle name, so I wanted her to associate that with me. I became GrammyLynn. It stuck with some of the other grandkids, but otherwise I'm Grammy and my husband chose Papa. My brother's daughter lives in AZ, while he and his wife live here in Vermont. The grandbaby calls her Gram'Mont which I think is kind of cute. For you I agree GrammaCathy would be nice. But whatever you are called, it will be the best thing in life to have a little grand.
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So much depends on the child. My mother's mother wanted to be called Grandmother or Grandmama. Well, my oldest sister called her "Mama" and since she was the cutest little girl in the world according to my grandmother, she became "Mama". All three of us called her that. But my cousins called her "Grandmother".
My mother was Grandmama to my kids because that is what the cousins called her and my dad was "Granddaddy". We lived 1300 miles away so when they were learning to talk the grandparents were not around. They called my in-laws "Grandma" and "Grandpa" because that is what they wanted to be called.
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I am called grandma and grandpa Twinkie. My grandkislove my dog hostess Twinkie. They have five grandmas who all live close to them except me which is seven hrs away. So as long as they remembered me I am happy. Funny I mail stuff at the post office and they comment on how they all know me.
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All my kids and 5 of my sisters boys call my parents grandma and grandpa. The 6th boy and my other sisters daughter calls my parents Nana and Papa.

When I was old enough to talk, I called my grandma....grandma...BUT....I called my grandpa Curly!!!! Because he had curly hair and looked just like the one guy on the 3 stooges (the one that is bald on top and curly hair around the sides and back cant think of his name right off hand)

If and when I become a grandma, I would love for my grandkids to call me Granny or Grandma but I would be happy with whatever they were to call me as long as they don't call me late for supper. )) lol
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My dad's mother was called "Grandmommy" until the day she passed away at age 96, just a few years ago. My mom's mother was called "Mamaw" by some of us, and "Granny" by others. Good luck on choosing a name. And Congratulations on the grandson!
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My grandchildren call me Gigi.
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