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lots2do 07-23-2015 06:12 AM

? about making my own photo greeting cards
I am hoping someone here may have some ideas about this. After being down here in Florida, surrounded by all of this great natural beauty, I've decided to make my own cards with photos for my own personal use. I'm just not sure what the best way is to go about this! Any ideas are welcomed.

NJ Quilter 07-23-2015 06:46 AM

Check out the Hallmark website. I believe they used to have some free card making software available on their site. Will give you some layout ideas. Also, if you have MS Office - word or power point particularly - they both have card templates available. Various styles/sizes of cardstock and envelopes available at most office supply stores.

willferg 07-23-2015 07:34 AM

You might try checking at Costco, too. I know they do big prints, and I think they may print cards as well.

lots2do 07-24-2015 03:42 AM

Thank you, both. Will do!

coopah 07-24-2015 05:22 AM

Costco is good...are you talking about many cards of the same print or one or two of the same? Different choices for both. My local Walgreen's has 10cent Wednesdays where each print is only 10 cents. I then buy nice cards with envelopes (got them at an art store, but think you could find them at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's and use a coupon). The blank cards come with double stick square for attaching photos. The cards seem pricey, but they are nice and yu can send them/sell them without being embarassed. Plus, they're a lot less than commercial cards these days. Good luck and enjoy Florida's great scenery!

minky 07-25-2015 05:27 AM

Do as NJ quilter suggests, I've made cards for years. At one time, I was supplementing my income with a small
business. If people knew how easy it was to do this, no one would ever buy a pre-made card. There are other 'card'
companies other than Hallmark. Just goggle cards. Plus, verses, if you want to uses them for occasions. Just make
sure about the copywriter issues...most free verse sites don't care.

lots2do 08-06-2015 04:38 PM

Thanks again for the latest suggestions. I like the idea of using stationary cards and making some that way. I didn't know about specials at Walgreen's. There's one very close to us down there so I'll have to check. I will check out the sites too. We don't have the greatest printer right now but might in the future.

Up North 08-06-2015 05:34 PM

I make all my own Cards I do have a photo printer but it was not expensive about $60.00. I embellish with sparkly paints sometimes. they also make nice gifts in a basket with a nice pen envelopes and some stamps especially for the elderly. I have several card programs but like my Hallmark one the best right now. I buy cardstock at Walmart.Have fun!!

lots2do 08-09-2015 11:04 AM

Thank you for your thoughts, Donna. This is on the back burner for the time being but I hope to dive into some cards soon!

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