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sandilee 05-29-2014 10:18 PM

aluminum foil
Is there any difference of which side you use aluminum foil? I usually use the shiny side. I heard theres no difference its the way it comes off the machine at the factory.
Are there any benefits with cooking on the dull side?

pdcakm 05-29-2014 10:56 PM

i was told that the shiny side toward the food keeps the heat inside as it reflects it back to the food. no scientific evidence just have always done it that way since i was young.

Sassylass 05-30-2014 02:42 AM

I was told the same thing pdcakm and I always use it that way.

Narda H. 05-30-2014 03:12 AM

I don't know about it cooking wise- but I am a Hairstylist and when we foil weave a highlight, there is no difference at all.

wendiq 05-30-2014 07:14 AM

I was told,don't know when or by who, but I put the shiny side OUT.

tessagin 05-30-2014 07:42 AM

I was told shiny side out conducts more of the heat. I just use it. Mr. Reynolds is a permanent resident in my kitchen cabinet. I hate doing dishes. I have been know to rinse/clean the foil for the recycling bin. Just put into another piece of recyclable material such as a beer box that has been flattened and they can see the foil.

Lisa_wanna_b_quilter 05-30-2014 07:43 AM

I have never given it a thought. I just use it. If I cover a dish with it, I put the shiny side out because it is prettier. How's that for scientific logic?

Tartan 05-30-2014 08:15 AM

The American Test Kitchen says the shiny and dull sides conduct heat the same. I put the dull side to my food because I think it sticks less.

Stitchit123 05-30-2014 09:19 AM

According to the Reynolds Wrap people it does not matter which side is in or out. My Pop's and step Mom got into this ''discussion'' and he says It's like the dang toilet paper roll '''It don't matter which way it comes off the roll it still does it's job '''

tenngal 05-30-2014 11:51 AM

Same here - shiny out.

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