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Stitchnripper 04-04-2021 01:25 PM

Cooking with Brenda Gantt
I have become truly enthralled with Miss Brenda. She is on YouTube,Facebook and Instagram. I realize not everyone is on those platforms, but, if you are, have you seen her? She is younger than me, but, she cooks like my Grandma did.

Watson 04-04-2021 02:00 PM

Have to check that out.
Have you ever seen Whippoorwill Holler on Youtube? Same idea but lives in a cabin in Arkansas. I really like her.


wesing 04-04-2021 07:26 PM

I’ve tried a couple of her recipes. My mom watches her all the time and talks about her like she knows her. So funny!she is very entertaining and has good “home cooking” recipes.

Homespun 04-05-2021 05:08 AM

Yes, I follow her on Facebook.

zennia 04-05-2021 05:29 AM

I love to cook and try new recipes. I will have to look her up. I love YouTube for ideas.

michellelo 04-05-2021 06:47 AM

I am always at my best attitude when I am trying out new recipes. I love cooking and we love eating.

Jshep 04-06-2021 04:47 AM

I watch Brenda and Whooperville Hollow. They both cook the way I am used to cooking. Very intertaining. If you havenít watched them on YouTube you need to check them out.

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