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Abby'smom 12-15-2014 07:44 AM

I finally had them done when I was in my middle 30s -- as a teen, no one in my group had pierced ears -- I grew up in the 50s and 60s

BettyGee 12-15-2014 07:50 AM

I have two piercings in each ear. Diamond studs in the top which I never take out, except to clean. I don't feel "dressed" if I don't have my earrings in. I'm 74 and it is one of those things that makes life fun, but I have a dear friend who doesn't wear earrings ever and it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. It is an individual preference, no right or wrong. My sister, who just turned 66, got a tattoo on the top of her right foot this past summer. It is very pretty, she said it hurt like the dickens; but she loves it. Life is short, much too short and so do what makes you happy.

jeanne49 12-15-2014 07:51 AM

I have 2 piercings in each ear, but it's rare that I wear the studs for the 2nd holes. What I find disconcerting is when mothers gets their toddlers ears pierced. I think that is just wrong, let them decide when they're older if they want pierced ears.

Geri B 12-15-2014 07:51 AM

I have one in each ear...that was trauma enough! When I see some having piercings on eyebrows, nose, lip(s), once saw a wrist piercing, and those things they put in earlobe that eventually make large holes...I shutter and wonder where else that is unseen----and double shutter......I guess it matches all the body art that is also going on.....

owlvamp 12-15-2014 07:54 AM

Originally Posted by Monika (Post 7007400)
Mine are pierced. Two in each ear. But I wear the same earrings ALL the time......I even sleep in all four. I have one pair that I have worn for over forty years, plain gold loops. I only take them out for surgery................:').............

Mine are pierced too. I love my ear rings but changed them out. I wear them all the time , sleep with them, shower with them and even eat with them. LOL I have a pair given to Ive had in for over 17 years now. It was my anniversary and hubby bought them for and its the same day my mother passed away. I will never interchange them. I think of her everyday for the past 17 years and more.

Gerbie 12-15-2014 07:55 AM

I have one in each ear. A dentist pierced mine when I was about 18, using an ice cube. He was down the hall from the Law firm where I worked. My mother had two pair that I wanted to wear some day, a pair of ruby studs from South America that her brother gave her when she was young and a pair of dangling cameos. Mother passed away 24 years ago now, there is just my brother and I, so I got her jewelry. I wear the rubies fairly often only to Church, but have only worn the cameos a few times. I change my earrings almost daily as I do my crosses I wear, and usually just wear my earrings, my crosses, plus my wedding rings and anniversary rings, my watch and a stainless steel cuff bracelet with my name engraved on it which is expandable, that my grandmother made and gave me when I was about two years old. I am seventy years old now. All of my jewelry is simple and usually dainty, I don't care for heavy or gaudy stuff. DD has two in each of her ears, she wanted hers pierced when she was small, about 2nd grade our family Dr. did her first two. She had the other two done when she was grown. I have no problem with mine, but was told by the Dentist to start out with 14 k gold studs, and keep them in for at least 6 wks, cleaning daily with alcohol which I did.

janjj 12-15-2014 08:19 AM

Nope never did pierce mine. about a year ago when I had a haircut I had made appt to pierce them but chickened out at the last minute. I saw my step mother have lots of problems with hers and don't want to chance it. at age 74 why should I change now? once in awhile I do wear clip on ones.
My first job was a receptionist at a small company. My boss had begun medical school until he ran out of money for school. I began getting cysts in my left ear as I was on the phone often. He told me get rid of the earrings and I would then get rid of the cysts. Yup he was right!

purplefiend 12-15-2014 08:23 AM

I had mine pierced when I was 11. Mom used an ice cube and a wig pin. I shudder every time I think about it. I had problems with my ears because I've since found out that I'm allergic to nickel. I'm so happy they finally came out with nickel free jewelry!
Sharon in Tx

Snooze2978 12-15-2014 08:59 AM

My mother pierced mine back when I was 16 and then for years I wanted a 2nd set of holes. Don't know why and after getting the 2nd set done I can't remember why I wanted them. It also means that I now have to buy 2 sets of ear rings for them.

When my mother was handing out her jewelry as she no longer wanted them, I got the diamond studs cause my older sister didn't have pierced ears at the time. Since them she has had them pierced but she waited till she was in her last 50's to get them done. Now she's eyeing the diamond studs.......:-)

gramma nancy 12-15-2014 09:43 AM

I don't. I have always said I have enough holes in my head as it is. (To say nothing of a low pain threshold.)

When I was younger and single, I thought I might do it if anyone ever bought me diamond studs. Of course, that didn't happen. Now, I am quite sure I would not get them done even if my DH gave me one carat studs!

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