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Tartan 04-15-2014 03:18 AM

Easter Lily warning for cats
Just saw a warning on GMA that Easter Lilies are poisonous for cats. Just thought I would pass it along so everyone can keep their cats safe.

romanojg 04-15-2014 03:54 AM

There are a lot of plants that are. My cat is about 13 yrs old, still plays and decided a few yrs she wanted to be an outside cat, then it took me a couple more yrs to get her to go to the door when she wanted out. She has never messed with any of my plants so I've been lucky because my favorites ones are orchids, I have the best luck with them blooming. My dogs don't even mess with them. Some people make the mistake of putting kitty litter on their plants to hold the moisture in, and that does work but for cats that's just an open invitation. My daughter's favorite flower are lilies, mine are the lilies and tulips and I have to have them on Easter, so since my they aren't blooming yet, guess who's going to Home Depot this week, for my daugher and myself.

Jingle 04-15-2014 05:23 AM

My lilies are outside and my cats are inside only cats.

lynnie 04-15-2014 11:50 AM

thank you. My Zoey is an indoor cat only. she does venture outside thru the magical portal under the bed though.

I don't have anything live in the house that can harm her.

thank you for the announcement

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