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Nerys 06-05-2020 03:01 AM

Fabric for hand sewing teatowels?
Looking for some fabric to hand sew teatowels. In the online quiltshop I see cotton/linen fabric, has anyone used this?
Does it hold up well in usage as teatowels?

misspriss 06-05-2020 05:03 AM

Check out Walmart, I get them in the home department. There are several in a bundle.

KalamaQuilts 06-05-2020 07:02 AM

I ordered yardage for tea towels from a quilt shop that had tons of yardage for them; https://www.quilterstudio.com/tea-towels-toweling.htm it says 100% cotton
Sadly they do not wick water, just move it round the plate or bowl. I've washed them at least a dozen times by now, no change.
I don't use fabric softener or sheets in the dryer, I know they can keep towels from wicking.
Will it hold up well? Sadly, probably forever. When I get over the expense they will probably end up as shop towels in the garage.

juliasb 06-05-2020 08:41 AM

Michael's carries some nice tea towels for hand work. You might try there or Holly Lobby. I haven't done any hand work on towels for many years now. Once I got my embroidery machine I was spoiled. I made dish towels for everyone one Christmas. Back then I purchased them at Walmart in a package of 12.

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