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JustAbitCrazy 08-15-2018 05:07 PM


Shower or bathe?

SusieQOH 08-15-2018 06:10 PM

Shower, once in awhile a nice soak though.

Hamburgers plain or with the works

JustAbitCrazy 08-17-2018 09:24 AM

Don't eat beef at all, so no burgers for me. When I did, it was with most of the works.

Cut your own grass or hire someone?

SusieQOH 08-18-2018 05:17 AM

Yeah, my husband :D

Fruit trees on your property or none

JustAbitCrazy 08-18-2018 01:35 PM

No fruit trees, just two spindly blueberry not-bushes that don't want to grow.

Mulch with: wood chips, peat moss, newspaper, grass clippings, or stones?

Boston1954 08-20-2018 03:13 PM

Wood chips.

MASH - Trapper John or B. J. Hunnicutt

SusieQOH 08-21-2018 07:27 AM

Don't watch it

Are you suggestible or not?

leonf 08-22-2018 03:07 PM

Not really sure...you tell me.

Porsche or Mercedes

zozee 08-22-2018 07:04 PM


Donuts or turnovers

JustAbitCrazy 08-25-2018 01:05 AM

Either. (Should be neither, lol.)

Glitter nail polish or not?

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