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JustAbitCrazy 09-02-2018 05:57 PM

Neither for me.

Seadoo, kayak or canoe?

zozee 09-02-2018 06:09 PM


thinker or feeler

SusieQOH 09-03-2018 05:43 AM

too much of both! :D

Shy or outgoing

JustAbitCrazy 09-04-2018 01:02 PM

Neither. I think I'm normal (despite what you may have heard, lol! :p :D)

Introvert or extrovert?

Boston1954 09-04-2018 02:52 PM

I must be honest, probably lean toward introvert.

Olives - green or black

zozee 09-04-2018 03:41 PM


Ranch or French dressing

JustAbitCrazy 09-05-2018 01:27 AM


Favorite holiday roll: poppyseed, nut, or apricot?

SusieQOH 09-05-2018 12:03 PM


Prefer a large or small car?

zozee 09-05-2018 03:38 PM


cruise ship or glass-bottom boat

SusieQOH 09-06-2018 03:53 AM

Glass-bottom boat

Use a fireplace in the winter or not

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