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ILoveToQuilt 12-11-2019 02:53 PM

Neither??? I go to bed early and sleep late. I love sleeping!

Prefer "real" books or electronic books (Kindle, computer, etc.)

zennia 12-16-2019 07:44 AM

real books

soda----the real stuff or diet

ILoveToQuilt 12-16-2019 03:48 PM

Diet. Preferably Diet Pepsi (with caffeine!)

Water...plain or with lemon or cucumber or other flavorings?

zennia 12-21-2019 05:05 AM

I like them all

eggs----fried, scramble or mixed with meat and cheese

ILoveToQuilt 12-25-2019 07:56 AM

Fried, over well (if the yolks run, they'll run right back to the kitchen to be cooked more)

Fish on Christmas Eve...yes or no?

JustAbitCrazy 12-26-2019 03:26 AM

Nope. Outdoor Christmas lights or not?

zennia 12-26-2019 06:28 AM


colored or white lights on indoor christmas tree

leonf 01-08-2020 12:14 PM


Plans for MLK, Jr. day or not

zennia 01-09-2020 10:48 AM

not as yet

exercise or not

SusieQOH 01-13-2020 11:45 AM

Enjoying your current quilting project or not?

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