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Waal 07-16-2021 10:55 AM


hot fudge or hot caramel

lawsonmugs 07-16-2021 04:35 PM

fudge ( I'm a chocolate freak ) fresh tomatoes sliced on the side on in a tomato sandwich

Waal 07-16-2021 05:35 PM

either way is good (especially from the garden)

chicken salad or ham salad sandwich

sandy l 07-17-2021 03:45 AM

ham salad sandwich

potato salad made with or without mustard

Waal 07-17-2021 05:46 AM

with a little mustard

baked beans from a can or baked beans using dry beans

lawsonmugs 07-17-2021 08:08 AM

dry beans ---- fishing on river or lake

Waal 07-17-2021 09:41 AM

a pond

walk or ride a bike

lawsonmugs 07-17-2021 05:04 PM

walk ---- jigsaw puzzles or crossword puzzles

Waal 07-17-2021 05:53 PM

jigsaw puzzles

Scrabble or Dominoes

sandy l 07-18-2021 03:20 AM


plain or flavored popcorn

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