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JustAbitCrazy 10-14-2017 05:24 PM

Neither. I get birdie kisses.

Spaghetti with meat sauce or meatballs? (Guess I'm still hungry, huh? Kinda fixated on food today.)

lynnie 10-14-2017 07:03 PM


i'll finish with a snack.
chocolate with nuts or centers or just naked chocolate

JustAbitCrazy 10-14-2017 08:51 PM

Naked chocolate!

Most beautiful: violin or harp?

Boston1954 10-15-2017 04:39 AM

Harps are pretty, but I do the violin. Piano is best.

Summer afternoon - sit in backyard or go for a drive.

lovingmama 10-16-2017 02:03 AM

Go for a drive

Birthday celebrating big or small

SusieQOH 10-16-2017 06:49 AM

And stop all the talk about food everyone!! :D

Finding new authors or reading your favorites

lynnie 10-16-2017 07:40 AM

new authors

petting a cat or a dog

zozee 10-16-2017 10:44 AM

A dog ( I’m allergic to cats)

Leather or upholstery

JustAbitCrazy 10-16-2017 10:53 AM

leather (bbq sauce wipes right off, lol!)

rocking chair or recliner?

Boston1954 10-16-2017 11:39 AM

recliner (gave the rocking chair to Sis)

Grocery store - make a list or wing it.

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