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Boston1954 11-17-2017 05:24 PM


boiling tea water - kettle or just a pan

TheresaF 11-17-2017 08:35 PM

neither, get hot water from the Keurig

boots---zip or tie

lovingmama 11-18-2017 04:07 PM


Socks seasonal theme (like christmas socks) or just regular design

lynnie 11-18-2017 06:21 PM

for me regular, for dh, i'm getting him into designs

mittens or gloves

JustAbitCrazy 11-19-2017 12:42 AM


pajama preference: pants and top, or nightgown?

lynnie 11-19-2017 09:30 AM

pants and top

Sunday- football or Hallmark movies

TheresaF 11-20-2017 09:20 PM


HOt cocoa...with or without marshmallows

JustAbitCrazy 11-22-2017 03:00 AM

Either way works for me, buy usually no marshmallows.

for Thanksgiving: pumpkin or pecan pie?

lovingmama 11-22-2017 09:21 AM


Relaxed thanksgiving or stressy day

TheresaF 11-22-2017 07:10 PM

Relaxed...I don't stress over the holidays...I love making big meals.

Black Friday shopping or no way

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