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Boston1954 11-30-2017 07:27 AM

Must use something special on my face. Eczema.

While decorating the tree - music or a Christmas movie.

JustAbitCrazy 11-30-2017 12:58 PM

music for me, and my favorite is my John Denver and the Muppets album. There are some very beautiful and unique songs on it, which I have never heard anywhere else. I wore out two LP's, then got a cd of it for Christmas several years ago. It's not Christmas for me until I hear this album.

Trimming your nails: scissors or nail clipper?

SusieQOH 11-30-2017 05:50 PM

Emery board

wear gloves for yard work or not

jlt37869 11-30-2017 09:06 PM


fight or flight

TheresaF 11-30-2017 09:37 PM


snow--love it or hate it

JustAbitCrazy 12-01-2017 05:21 AM

Not crazy about (driving in) it, but it's sure pretty. Like it more that I'm retired and not having to drive in it every day.

preference: snow skiing or water skiing?

SusieQOH 12-01-2017 07:21 AM


Breakfast- eggs or cereal

Boston1954 12-01-2017 08:45 AM

Scrambled please with bacon.

Lights on the tree - clear or colors.

lynnie 12-01-2017 07:01 PM

i go clear. our tree is white with aqua ornaments. my dh is Jewish, so we compromise

on your tree, ornaments or just balls

JustAbitCrazy 12-01-2017 07:33 PM

ornaments and all kinds of things!

Are you decorated for Christmas already or not even started?

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