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Cybrarian 03-26-2016 05:40 PM

Just returned from Guatemala, in Antigua I saw a woman with an arm full of Calla Lilies the size of dinner plates! They were beautiful- love the daffodils!!! Hyacinths & Lilacs are my absolute favorites, but neither grow where I live except in a hothouse :(

sewingsuz 03-26-2016 06:54 PM

Very beautiful daffodils . Happy Easter to All my QB friends.

Edie 03-27-2016 04:52 AM

He is risen. Happy Easter to all. Edie

lorimax5859 03-27-2016 05:56 AM

Happy Easter! Love daffodils!

Misty's Mom 03-27-2016 05:58 AM

Originally Posted by Edie (Post 7506207)
He is risen. Happy Easter to all. Edie

indeed He has!!

mjmachin 03-27-2016 06:33 AM

I so love daffodils, thank you so much for sharing. Since moving to Florida from Iowa I sure miss the spring flowers we had. There are beautiful flowers here too of course.

tessagin 03-27-2016 06:36 AM

Don't see many daffodils or what I call the heirloom florals. Happy Easter to all!!

mermaid 03-27-2016 07:00 AM

Oh so pretty! In middle Tennessee, I had white ones with pink center cups blooming. Just gorgeous. But then a heavy frost wiped them out. Happens to us here every yr!

Walter'sMom 03-27-2016 08:53 AM

Your Daffodils gave me a lift too!! Happy Easter in Wales.

BCM 03-27-2016 09:18 AM

Happy Easter to everyone. The flowers are so refreshing and cheerful!!

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