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bearisgray 06-09-2019 12:40 PM

Household Cleaning Products -
I looooovvvveee those Magic Erasers.

Our tub had gotten cruddy on the bottom and "nothing" seemed to remove much of it.
I did learn that those Magic Erasers come in at least three varieties. And they do seem to disintegrate with use. Anyway, the bathroom and kitchen ones are a bit sturdier than the regular ones. The kitchen sinks had also gotten stained and they lightened up a lot!

Do you have any products that you really like?

KalamaQuilts 06-09-2019 12:54 PM

funny you should ask about this.I grew up with a mother who used White King flakes for all cleaning. Dishes, laundry, scrubbing floors...eeu. Slimy the minute the water cooled down and even as a kid I didn't think it was up to much for cleaning. But, moms house moms rules. Open the cupboard, use White King. We did get lots of dishes and glasses over the years though.

So I've tried every magic elixir invented over the years.
Ammonia and bleach are still top contenders.
Ajax powdered cleanser.
Various spray carpet cleaners over the years, the current fav is Oxy- something.
Have never found a window cleaner I'm happy with.
Pledge furniture polish
Old English scratch cover up, light and dark.
Bona floor cleaner.
All brand dishwasher and laundry soap

It has only taken 50 years to narrow it down to that.

Mousie 06-09-2019 01:19 PM

ok, there's reason behind my madness, lol:
I don't buy many cleaners at all.
I use Dawn (blue), baking soda and peroxide on tubs, sinks, and stovetop,
all appliance outsides, and insides too for that matter.
I sometimes make my own laundry soap but Tide does get stains out of
my shirts. I tend to wear a lot of knit mixes. (rayon+cotton, nylon+cotton)
I will occasionally buy glass cleaner but alcohol works very well.
I hear that vinegar does too.
I have allergies and intolerances and like to avoid chemicals as much as
We only use 1/4 the amount of reccommended bleach in our white clothes,
we mostly line dry and no dryer sheets.
We use a mild body wash and do not buy expensive shampoos.
I do buy a tad pricey conditioner but use it sparingly.
I like pump bottles.
I do buy products to clean the toilet as we get water stains.
I Pinterest and have pinned many natural cleaners and most
everything is unscented or very mild.
I don't buy furniture polishes. The dust is gonna come back
I'm not crazy about aerosoles. I have mild asthma and dh
is on oxygen.
We use a non toxic homemade mix for weeds and we can't
afford to fertilize the lawn in Flor-heat-a.
You'd have to spend a mint to run sprinklers.
We have enough going on in the bill dept. so we can't make
our yard a top priority. We clean it and keep it mowed.
The rest is up to nature :thumbup:.

bearisgray 06-09-2019 01:36 PM

I'm fond of most of the Shaklee cleaning products -
Shaw Floors Carpet Stain & Soil Remover works well to clean small areas of carpet
Spic and Span
Dawn dish detergent.

I prefer non-scented or "gently" scented products. I don't want to be able to smell it from fifty feet away - even if it's a fragrance I like.

I seldom use bleach.

tropit 06-09-2019 02:24 PM

I try to use natural cleaners whenever possible...but not always. I still have cleanser and oven cleaner under my sink. But for windows, I use vinegar and water and baking soda can work OK on the stove, if it's not too dirty. I've been very curious about using oxygen bleach, as opposed to using chlorine bleach

~ C

annievee 06-09-2019 02:54 PM

We like 'Awesome' Liquid Cleaner---cheap at Dollar Tree and is a great cleaner for lots of projects.

Mkotch 06-10-2019 02:55 AM

I have found that ordinary shampoo gets a lot of stains out of laundry. Rub it in, let it set a few minutes, wash normally.

ptquilts 06-10-2019 03:14 AM

Just be aware that Magic Erasers are an abrasive. Scrub too hard on painted woodwork and the paint will start coming off!!

citruscountyquilter 06-10-2019 04:19 AM

Baking soda and white vinegar are my go to cleaners. White vinegar gets the mold/mildew off stucco house (outside) in Florida better than bleach and much safer. Spray with vinegar, let sit a bit, scrub with a brush and rinse off. A paste of white vinegar and baking soda cleans tile and bathrooms fixtures wonderfully. Blue Dawn is awesome on anything greasy.

romanojg 06-10-2019 04:26 AM

Originally Posted by annievee (Post 8263591)
We like 'Awesome' Liquid Cleaner---cheap at Dollar Tree and is a great cleaner for lots of projects.

This stuff is amazing, I use the yellow one. I started using it because it gets the goo off of my scan n cut mats. And its so cheap.

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