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miriam 12-26-2014 11:10 AM

I don't collect anything..........
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I love thrift stores and old stuff..... I bought a couple yard sticks to jazz up the edges of some shelves. Since I didn't have as many as I needed I stuck them in a corner to wait for enough to do the shelves. When I bought more I put them in another corner and so on. Then we moved.... DH asked me what I was going to do with the yard stick collection... I have a yard stick collection??? He showed me the collection. oops... SSOOOO I hung them on the wall. Then people started bringing old yard sticks and rulers and things that measure to add to my collection...... NOW I have a collection.
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The amazing thing was I also found out I have a scissors collection. I had some in the kitchen junk drawer, some in one end of the sewing room, some in the other end, some in the bench, some in a box, some in one pile, some in the sewing table, some here and some there and oh dear suddenly another collection. So I hung most of them in the windows.

Oh and then there are sewing machines... I haven't figured out a way to hang them on the wall effectively. I did think about hanging them up like deer heads or something but I'm not sure how it would work. Oh and fabric collects around here...

Nope I don't collect anything. Stuff just collects.

My sister has a bell collection... I think it started the same way.

What has collected around you???

Kitsie 12-26-2014 11:35 AM

How fun!! You can open a museum soon and earn money to buy more!

lynnie 12-26-2014 12:36 PM

I collect sand from all over the world. sometimes pebbles. I got a new one recently.
A member from the board brought me back a stone from Draculas castle in Romania.
that one is front and center. I need some from the great wall of China, Stonehenge,
the Colosium, and the Pyramids.

Tartan 12-26-2014 12:46 PM

I collect fabric. :D I saw a program I think of Georgia Bonesteel(sp) visiting a woman that had thousands of yard sticks so you have a ways to go.

elnan 12-26-2014 12:48 PM

Measureing things and scissors are near the top of my most favorite things. It has to be "most favorite" because there are so many favorites. From looking around, it appears that I collect cat hair and cobwebs, what my step-mother called fizzle dust, hard to believe that one indoor/outdoor cat can shed that much. I have no idea how all those sewing machines got crammed in here. Oh, and sewing patterns, and fabric, and books, and .... I love thrift stores, better than a fully stocked fabric store.

Jan in VA 12-26-2014 02:31 PM

I seem to collect papers.....there are hundreds lying on every surface, it feels like......the desk, the floor, the tv table, the chairside table, by my bed. Why can't I seem to get them all put away or tossed or shredded, or otherwise OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!?!! :shock:

Guess I *could* stop going to the mail box, cancel all subscriptions to every magazine, and turn the printer over to the kids.:(

Jan in VA

Jazzmyn 12-26-2014 02:39 PM

Love the way you display your "measuring things".

Sewing Machines are my "habit" don't know why guess I have 10+ now.
Quilting Rulers more than I will ever use (hey they were a good price at yard sales).
Fabric (I won't live long enough to use it all)
Mini Clocks......must have 40+....had to quit ran out of room to display them.
Cookie jars.....had to quit them to as they are to big to collect.
Mini perfume bottles....find these at yard sales they are so neat. (at least they are mini's)
Scissors.........don't know why.....have way to many some antiques....maybe 20+ pairs
Tea cups & saucers......love the really pretty one's....also some tea pots.....can't forget the mini sets.
Oh Yea can't forget the Dolls and Boyd's Bears!!

My husband is as bad with his collections:
He has over 200 Kachina Dolls and South West Items.
He has lots of Clocks......(honestly I don't think either one of us had a clock growing up)
He collects fishing stuff...rods/reels and lures.
He collects knives in every shape and size.
and He collects coins.

I think he has out collected me...LOL

Our kids have quit giving us gifts as they say we have to "much stuff"...I disagree. They say we hoarders.....Nope NOT so. My house is Clean........the collections get dusted at least 2 times a year....HA!!

So "We are Not Hoarders....We Are Collectors"!!!!

We Love people to come see us so:

"If you come to see us...come anytime......If you come to see our house make an appointment" (can't hide the collections but can make a path for you to walk through)!!

PS: I am sure I have left out a collection or two!!

QuiltnNan 12-26-2014 03:12 PM

i like your collection

Jingle 12-26-2014 04:00 PM

I have several collections.

Quilty-Louise 12-26-2014 04:08 PM

I have several collections.

My most PRIZED collection is my amber glass which started when
I was 16 years old with a pair of OLD oil lamps. But sadly no room
to display it all.

My next big collection is my coffee mugs, to which again no room
for setting them out for display, but that collection is now at 107+
mugs and only 6 states left to get to have them all.

My next collection which is my most used is my ink pens, and highlighters
I LOVE to "color" code lists that I write and use a different ink color for the

That is all I have that is NOT sewing/quilting related.

Within my sewing/quilting collections there are the follow:

sewing/quilting themed fabrics
fabric in general
and just about most other gadgets.

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