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Julienm1 08-01-2021 09:08 AM

New light bulb
One bulb in ceiling light quit in my sewing room so DH replaced both of them. OMG...oh so bright. Too bright. I can see all the threads adding another layer to the carpet. What's a quilter to do?

Onebyone 08-01-2021 09:54 AM

When I had carpet in my sewing room I used a small garage cannister type vacuum. No brushes to get thread tangled. I kept it in the sewing room closet so I would use it. And it was so easy to find things in the tub part that got picked up by mistake. I always checked in it.

Jingle 08-01-2021 11:59 AM

I have about 9 LED bulbs I sew with. Bright light and I love it.

Tartan 08-01-2021 02:45 PM

Put on sunglasses and keep sewing!🕶

Quiltwoman44 08-01-2021 02:48 PM

Vacuum? I know i heard that word somewhere. i think that is right.https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/wink.png

osewme 08-01-2021 02:49 PM

Just think of it this way.....new carpet with a new color! Don't look down & you will never notice the threads. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png

Julienm1 08-01-2021 02:52 PM

I wish I knew where to get on of those green visors blackjack dealers would wear YLEARS ago as seen on TV...lol

Onebyone 08-01-2021 03:22 PM

I bought two of the long arm LED light bars. One is over my cutting table and one is over my sewing table. Cheaper then installing more overhead lighting. And these are moveable. I can see black thread on black fabric.

osewme 08-01-2021 03:27 PM

Originally Posted by Julienm1 (Post 8499571)
I wish I knew where to get on of those green visors blackjack dealers would wear YLEARS ago as seen on TV...lol

Here ya go.....https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/cool.png


SuzzyQ 08-02-2021 03:13 AM

My sewing room in my house had no overhead light - just a light on the wall behind the door. Behind the door because to my DH swinging the door the other way "made more sense".... So I had a light for the cutting area, another for the pressing station and one for the sewing area. And back then I could see fairly well so often sewed into the evenings - in these pools of light.
Sewing room in the apartment has an overhead light but I need to get light to the edges where the sewing machine is and the ironing board and the cutting table.....
Not sure which setup is better... or maybe it's my aging eyes....

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