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jbud2 09-23-2011 09:16 AM

I have a fabric pumpkin 'panel' that you cut the pumpkin out, make the quilt sandwich, turn and hand tie here and there and then the instructions says take a wire hanger and bend and shape to back and then sew that hanger to the back and you can hang this pumpkin on your door! Can you picture that?

BUT, I did not want that!! I thought I would cut a lot of 2 1/2 " patches and do a patchwork 'border" and baste that to the pumpkin panel fabric - like the pumpkin was the center medallion.

WELL, after a couple rows pinned and sewn and moved around, I decide I am going to cut the durn pumpkin out of it's panel and applique that blessed pumpkin to the patchwork!

SO, I have to add some more fabric here and there and rip some seams here and there. But I am getting it done! It will look pretty durn nice, even if I am the only one that thinks so.

BUT all thru this, I have had to take several breaks and this is where I spend that time!! I will post a pic when I get the thing done, if I can still stand it . . . .

blueangel 09-23-2011 09:36 AM

Anxious to see it.

quiltinggirl 09-23-2011 09:48 AM

Can't wait to see how it turns out for you. Be sure to post a picture for all of us. :)

butterflies5518 09-23-2011 10:17 AM

sorry but laughing at your story - anxious to see how it gets completed!

jaciqltznok 09-23-2011 11:06 AM

I had one of those...wasn't much fun to make, but yours sounds like it will be great when you get it done! be sure to post a pix of it on the door!

ShellyHawkins 04-23-2015 08:38 PM

Is this the adorable pumpkin patch project with the happy pumpkin in a hat? If so, can I buy the a pattern from you?

lynnie 04-24-2015 08:12 AM

can't wait to see it and how it comes out.

ManiacQuilter2 04-24-2015 08:15 AM

Wish you had posted a photo!

sewingsuz 04-24-2015 03:09 PM

I did make one of these a long time ago and still have it and it worked fine, hanger and all. It is with my Halloween items put away or I would show you. Please show us a picture when you are done. I want to see what I could have done.

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