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Kooklabell 03-20-2014 01:38 PM

Put your wallet in your pocket and walk away. These things make people stop taking your phone calls and run the other way when they see you coming.

Carol34446 03-20-2014 03:32 PM

Originally Posted by KalamaQuilts (Post 6634318)
buy a couple of bottles from your friend to satisfy your curiosity. Let the rest of the sheeple follow the herd.


Verve ingredients

My cousins 15 year old son had just won a painball comp. he had to give up hockey after a bad hit in the head. He dark some energy drink left in a display when guy was told to leave. He had a heart attack and died and despite his Uncle being a big name researcher and alot of WHY'S and tests, they concluded the caffeine caused his heart to go crazy. They are not good for people.

Rose_P 03-20-2014 05:44 PM

My friend who was told she had fibromyalgia turned out to have MS instead. I certainly hope that's not the case with the person you know whose health improved, but a remission in her symptoms doesn't actually prove cause and effect - just saying!

Also, every pyramid eventually has to collapse, even if your potential buyers included the entire planet. It's just not likely to pan out in the long run.

You can learn everything there is to know about good, healthy food without spending money. In fact, you probably already know all there is to know about healthy food: eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day and stay away from processed food, sugars and refined starches. Don't eat too much fat or too much meat. If you want to drink your veggies, dump them into a blender and hit puree. Where is the magic in that that makes people haul out their wallets?

janjj 03-20-2014 10:41 PM

I recently had someone approach me with a product called Protandim supposed to be wonderful. It is a MLM company I have sold Amway, Shaklee, Figurettes/Cameo, they are all great products BUT it is the top guys that make the money and it is hard work. So my advice would be to buy some of the product and you will then figure out if it is good and just buy more for yourself. Companies are required to label their products so you should be able to see what is in the product. Many companies require you to have a certain level of sales each month also. that means you are buying more than you need and will need to sell some of it.
Doctors are not taught much about nutrition in school so needless to say many of them cannot give you information about nutrition they are taught to treat symptoms not find out what is causing the problem.

Moonglow 03-21-2014 03:50 AM

The only people who benefit in the Pyramid Scheme are the people at the top and they rely on people like you to keep it going. Also, if the product is so good why can't you buy it at a regular store or supermarket?

Do your homework first before you part with your precious money. To me it sounds like a scam.

Wanabee Quiltin 03-21-2014 06:25 AM

Please think about this, it's a pyramid company. You have to keep the ball rolling all the time.

haylillan 03-21-2014 06:53 AM

a relative of mine got tangled up with somthing like that I thought it was to many $ he gave a bottle of it to my son in law free to try and get him to buy
who said it tasted good found juice at the store with main ingredient much cheaper

FroggyinTexas 03-21-2014 06:55 AM

DO NOT jump into this! The first two people might make a dime the first week or two, but after that--NOTHING. This is the kind of scheme that scammers use to trap aging people who are short of money all the time. The people who get into this kind of thing are vulnerable because it looks so easy. It isn't. Trust me, this is a scam. froggyintexas

rjwilder 03-21-2014 07:04 AM

Run as fast as you can. The best thing you can do for your body is sleep, exercise, drink lots of water, eat fruits, veggies, meat and sweets. Hugs and laughter! Everything in moderation is ok.

wraez 03-21-2014 08:45 AM

Originally Posted by Tartan (Post 6634355)
Have the ingredients for the health drink been approved by the FDA? .

Unfortunately the FDA isn't totally reliable either ... they said it was ok for subway to put that ingredient in their breads that flip flops and shoes are made of, info found here ... http://foodbabe.com/investigations/ who wants to eat this stuff? crazy what companies will do to people in this country just to make $. oh that ingredient is banned from foods in other countries ... FDA, phooey

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