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osewme 08-15-2017 06:45 PM

I love Pandora for my sewing room. That way I can create my own stations with music that I like.

Stitchnripper 08-15-2017 06:50 PM

Many years ago I found just such a radio in the now defunct skymall catalog on a plane. It wasn't cheap back then but I got it anyway and enjoyed it for many years til it stopped working. It worked just like a car radio.

Kitsie 08-15-2017 06:51 PM

Originally Posted by bearisgray (Post 7887487)
I am looking for a small clock-radio that will play tapes - and CDs.

Bear, googled for that (clock radio, tape player combo) and saw some at Walmart. Probably many others out there, too.

Kitsie 08-15-2017 06:57 PM

Prism, Thank you so much! Perfect! I can just about afford the Amazon/Tecsun one! I have bookmarked it! QuiltnNan was interested in one, also. I'll pass this along to her. Do not know why my searching did not find them!

Kitsie 08-15-2017 06:59 PM

Originally Posted by QuiltnNan (Post 7887470)
interesting... i'd be interested in that as well.

Good news for us! Prism99 has posted a couple of radios. I will probably get this one!

Kitsie 08-15-2017 07:03 PM

Alyce, Prism99 has posted about 2 such radios and I will be getting the Tecsun one from Amazon!!

Kitsie 08-15-2017 07:04 PM

marilyn, look at prism99's post! She has found one that will suit me!

illinois 08-16-2017 05:22 AM

I finally gave in and have 2 radios since I only use 2 radio stations for the morning routine. Just leave each tuned to the station I want to listen to at the appropriate time. No more searching by the hair's width for the station!

Kitsie 08-16-2017 05:51 AM

Love it! I also have just 2 or 3 stations I like! I could put up a shelf and line it with radios!

KwiltyKahy 08-16-2017 07:12 AM

I have often wondered why the push button type radio is not available for home radios. With all the advances in electronics, I wondered why I was the only one who wanted that feature. At least I know I'm not the only one. Checking out all the good info here. Thanks everyone.

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