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quiltmouse 04-17-2015 09:40 AM

searching for stackable plastic baby blocks
I have an 8 yo granddaughter. When she was bitsy, I bought her several sets of plastic blocks. Prob spent $70, all told. They weren't cheap. The top and bottom were bright colored, but the sides were clear. Inside there were different things going on. Like a mini beach scene w a coconut palm, and loose coconuts to rattle when baby shook them.
Different animals, I think I bot a circus set, every block was different. Most were sq cubes, but depending on needs, like a giraffe, a few were rectangle cubes.

DD & her husband split. The ex, w DD's permission, gave away the baby toys.

New DH, baby on the way, DD is registering for baby things. Wants those blocks. We both thought they were adorable.

Anyone know where we can get some? Available commercially? I'm pretty sure they were Playskool.

Thank you.

Prism99 04-17-2015 11:29 AM

Your best bet is probably eBay. Children's toys change every year; it could be impossible to find new ones that are like the old ones.

These are not exactly what you describe, but found them on eBay:

Elise1 04-17-2015 01:45 PM

Fisher Price made Peek a Blocks. There were circus, farm and other themes. Is this what you are looking for?


KarenK 04-17-2015 01:53 PM

From your description, they sound like the Peek-a-Blocks.

Here's a link to the Fisher-Price online store:

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