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meanmom 09-17-2015 01:58 PM

It has been busy here so I haven't posted. My DD was here from Florida. She flew in for several job interviews. She is in the process of moving back here. She had 4 job interviews on Friday and shadowed at 2 on MOnday. Tuesday she got 4 job offers. SHe immediatly eliminated 2 of them and finally accepted one. SHe is a nurse and took a job in a cardiac stepdown unit at a local hospital. She decided on it because they are going to start doing heart transplants and do several other cutting edge procedures. Very good job. I can't wait for her to move back.
I haven't had time to do any more about car shopping. The best time to buy is mid to late October as they mark down the 2015 cars to get rid of them. Eating had been ok, not awesome. Saturday will be tough as we are having a sewing day on Saturday, which means a potluck. Then I am going to a bridal shower. I also haven't been getting in much exercise. I guess all of the walking at school has saved me. 8900 steps at school today.

crafty-kid 09-17-2015 04:24 PM

Over 17K steps yesterday, but way less today....We had rain and I needed to get other things done today. Held strong with 10K today.

beckyw 09-17-2015 05:06 PM

Getting some walking in this week. Always so much to do and so little time to work on what we want to. Most of the time in the evening I don't do much

Leann 09-17-2015 06:29 PM

meanmom, I am thrilled that your DD is coming back. I would love to be close to my family. Maybe you could eat a big breakfast before your sewing group to help you maintain control over your lunch choices.

Teri, I can't imagine 17K+ steps. Most I've ever done was over 15k. I did go for a walk 'on purpose' last night. My best guess is my pace is a 25-30 minute mile. My physical therapist wants me to pick up my pace - I walk 'too carefully'.

My weight is finally back down to what it was Sept 1. I've ridden my bike twice this week - only 5 miles but in these hills, those 5 miles are hard. Monday I followed my bike ride with some serious PT - which was a big mistake. Today, no PT. I realized that I've been squatting too deep during my wall slides. I have wonderful flexibility - but the pain payoff is not worth it.


Annaquilts 09-18-2015 08:56 AM

this recipe looks good to me. It is about 100 calories per serving and gluten free. If you do not like the dairy you will need to tweak it further but I need my cheese once in awhile. I try to keep my breakfast to under 200 calories and one of these muffins with a piece of fruit and some black coffee sounds good to me. I normally have yogurt but I am getting tired of that especially now the weather is getting cooler I enjoy a hot breakfast. This food also has appeal because of how it looks. that is important to me and makes me feel less deprived. this also looks like something everyone in the family would enjoy.

meanmom 09-19-2015 04:07 AM

Anna the recipe looks good, I will have to try it. I would probably eliminate most of the cheese and eat 2. I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast for long periods of time then switch to something else for a long time. I love plain Greek yogurt with some fruit and a handful of Fiber One cereal stirred in. The fiber One is loaded with fiber and tastes a lot like granola or nuts to me in the yogurt. It isn't gluten free. I am currently on a smoothie kick for breakfast and have been for months, but I am starting to get tired of them.
Heading to my quilt guild sewing day, then a bridal shower. I plan to go for a bike ride when I get home. Hopefully I will follow thru on that. It is going to be a beautiful day here. Hopefully the weather man is right snd the rain is going to go around us.

beckyw 09-20-2015 04:55 AM

Didn't lose any weight this last week. This week hope to be better.

meanmom 09-20-2015 06:10 AM

I guess I have to vent here because I'm not sure what to do. My neighbor has started smoking the last year or so. He smokes quite a bit since he retired. He isn't allowed to smoke in the house so he smokes on their front porch. We have our windows open (they never open theirs) and the smoke comes right in our front window, I can smell it on my clothes. They are really nice and I don't want to start any trouble, not sure if I should talk to them or not.
I behaved myself at the quilting day and the shower as the food was boring. I did have a cupcake at the shower, my nephew went to culinary school and he made them. It will be a cheat day but not too bad.

Pam H 09-20-2015 11:20 AM

Anna, I pinned that recipe so I can make them sometime. They look good!
Pat, I think you should talk to the neighbor about the smoke. He might not even realize it is going in your house. If you don't feel comfortable talking to him, maybe you could run a fan facing toward the window and blow the smoke back to him.
Now for some news with my family. I already told you my son is getting married 10/10 in China. My daughter's visa to France was denied so now she and her fiance have decided to get married earlier than planned. The date is 10/17. We will be home from China for 3 days and then fly to France. Ugh. I hate to even think about it. So much rearranging of schedules has to happen for this to work. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

pyffer3 09-20-2015 12:12 PM

I'm just seeing this thread and will be watching. I don't have a scale any more because I got so obsessed a few years back that I was weighing myself several times a day. I know I'm overweight but not huge. I got one of those fit bits it's from an Amazon card one of my kids gave me and it has given me incentive, not to mention the gallbladder surgery in June! I have gone from literally 0 to averaging 7000 steps per day. I mean 0 as I spent only the energy it took to go to work and come home each day. I know that's not a lot when I read some of you doing 15000 +, but trust me it's a lot for me!

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