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jbud2 08-26-2015 08:07 AM

shopping spree - NOT!
My husband is in Alaska on our vacation. He has surprised me by sending me pictures of quilt shops he has seen and some comments on the quilts in the windows. He was in Skagway and went into a quilt shop looking to get me something - a kit, pattern, or fabric that would be a reminder of my missed trip. A saleswoman approached him and asked if she could help him. He got out that he is looking for something for his wife, not sure what, and she walks away. No suggestions, nothing. He was dumbfounded. I told him I can spend his money at home. I couldn't go on the trip because I developed a severe allergic reaction to something, and the doctor was concerned with further eruptions, etc. I miss being able to go but I have had several un-interrupted days of sewing! Got to look on the bright side.

ManiacQuilter2 08-26-2015 08:09 AM

Yes, you have to always look on the brighter side of when things happen. Enjoy your uninterrupted days of sewing.

Tartan 08-26-2015 08:21 AM

Good grief, she sure missed her chance at a sale! Sorry you missed the trip but as you can treat your self to a shopping trip at your LQS shop when you get feeling better.

Diannia 08-26-2015 08:21 AM

Too bad she missed a potential sale but I love your attitude both on the spending spree when he gets home and the sewing/quilting time while he's gone!

notmorecraft 08-26-2015 08:23 AM

I found the staff in the quilt shop in Skagway really helpful, she maybe misinterpreted his looking for something for his wife as looking for something ready made? They have quilts for sale. X

celwood 08-27-2015 04:43 AM

I have never been in a quilt shop where the salesperson did not want to sell you the store....LOL

sherryl1 08-27-2015 05:43 AM

That girl should have asked more questions. My husband would have felt so guilty for going without me that he would have bought the farm. I think the phrase "You loose!!!!" fits here.

Geri B 08-27-2015 06:30 AM

Maybe when he said "wife".......

tessagin 08-27-2015 06:37 AM

That's what I thought!!

Originally Posted by Geri B (Post 7299100)
Maybe when he said "wife".......

mjmachin 08-27-2015 10:46 AM

I would have thought this was a rare occasion, but recently I was traveling and went into a quilt shop in MN and was so very surprised when the gal at the register was cutting fat quarters to be put on display and never even asked if I would like some help. I asked about a certain fabric on display and was only told if it is not there then they were out of it. She never looked for me nor did she offer any other assistance while I was in the store. I still purchased fabric because I do not get to MN very often and found some very interesting stuff. Even after I bought two armloades of fabric, I was not even thanked for coming etc. I am hoping this was a new employee and she will learn to step up her customer service. Another quilt store in MN was very friendly and helpful and made my shopping there a wonderful experience. I will not judge anyone by the actions of one other, but I may not go there again the next time I am in the area. I am glad you are looking at the bright side of the situation. The best is that he was thinking of you and wanting to make you feel missed and loved. Nice hubby !!!!

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