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ctrysass2012 07-15-2015 08:31 PM

Another Annie Oakley here!

tapper 07-16-2015 02:59 AM

Bessie Coleman

Sassylass 07-16-2015 03:18 AM

I am most like Annie Oakley.

kyquiltlover1942 07-16-2015 03:47 AM

I am most like Dolly Parton. One of my favorite singers.

2manyhobbies 07-16-2015 03:51 AM

Ha ha. I got Dolly Parton. I don't have any of Dolly's traits, but I just love her.

Lady Diana 07-16-2015 04:25 AM

Dolly Parton too.. I see a trend here...Oakley and Parton.

lindaschipper 07-16-2015 04:33 AM

Ann Richards for me.....not sure it really fits my personality.

Bubbie 07-16-2015 04:55 AM

It MUST be a NW kind of thing, I'm an Annie Oakley too. If not NW, then it must be the guns! LOL

institches33 07-16-2015 05:13 AM

Dolly Parton....Really????

Abby'smom 07-16-2015 05:32 AM

:thumbup: I'm a Dolly Parton!!

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