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PurplePansies 11-11-2021 02:15 AM

Veterans' Day
Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow service members! I thank you for your service!

DebbieJJ 11-11-2021 02:44 AM

Happy Veteran's Day to you PurplePansies, and all other service members! I didn't serve, but my dear hubby did before we met. I also thank you all for your service, whether as a member of the forces, or as a spouse.

Fabric Galore 11-11-2021 05:47 AM

I remember it was called Armistice Day when I was a child. It commemorated the end of WWI. So many wars since then and so many brave men and women who fought to defend this country. My husband and my grandson are veterans and my dad served for 25 years in the Army Air Corps. My grateful thanks to all of our veterans.

Tartan 11-11-2021 07:43 AM

It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada. Freedom isn’t free and we should always honour those who have served and are serving!

cashs_mom 11-11-2021 07:49 AM

Originally Posted by PurplePansies (Post 8518951)
Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow service members! I thank you for your service!

Happy Veteran's Day to all our vets! We owe our lives and freedom to you! A debt that can never be repaid. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your service

juliasb 11-11-2021 09:07 AM

I want to thank all my family and friends that have been in service to this great country! Especially want to pay respects to friends and family who gave their lives in service to this nation. Over my life time there have been many.

GingerK 11-11-2021 11:18 AM

My granddaughter read"'In Flanders Fields" and laid the wreath for the Champs division of War Amps, at their local Remembrance Day ceremony. We watched on YouTube. War Amps is such a wonderful organization, helping not only soldiers injured in conflict, but also children like our DGD, who was born missing part of a limb. Every day should be Remembrance Day.

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