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my hair is so frizzy with you constantly lurking here! I washed it and dried it yesterday...went out last night and got wet. Now its 3" shorter, kinky, and frizzy! My hair when done reaches almost to my bra strap.....when in constant dampness it barely touches my shoulders! It looks like I have a perm! I don't want a perm! And the frizzies oh the frizzies! How do you keep your hair from frizzing?
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Sigh, I have to pay a fortune to keep just a small bit of curl in my hair. I do understand how you feel though. So hard to keep it looking the way we want.
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grammyp I will gladly share some curl with you! Mine has gotten SO much curlier since I started menopause. I've been growing it for three years now and it looks the same when it wet out as it did then!
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John Frieda hair serum helps me with the frizzies, but not in hot humid days. There is also a shampoo that works great. Is expensive and doesn't work the first few times, but after a while it works great. Is for humidity control and is also by John Frieda.
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Oh, Ginnie-I'd give anything to have one curl. My hair is so straight! Tell everyone the Afro is coming back-after all retro is in!!
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short, fat, and white is not a becoming look for an afro! lol!
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Mine is straight as a string and flattens out when it rains. SIGH
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Be thankful you have hair. Some of us lost most of ours and would love to get it back. :lol:
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My hair is the best at frizzing! It's to my bra on good days and to my shoulders on bad days. My anti-frizz solution is a french braid. Slick it back and braid the frizz into submission.

By the way, do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your head!?!

how to tame frizz

notice even the braid can't stop it all
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Holy cow!!! And I think my hair is thick!
Notice Suave picked up on the hair thread!
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