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Default Recliner?

Most of us don't spend all out time in our sewing chairs. My sofa is no longer comfortable for my lower back - SI joint in particular. As I rarely have company interesting in television watching, I an considering removing the sofa from my family room - I have already given away the love seat to make room for more sewing machines - and replace it with a recliner. Years ago, a chiropractor told me to not sit in my husband's recliner - it wouldn't be good for me, but things have changer. Another option would be to move the TV to the living room with the newish sectional with chaise, but that's not going to happen. I dislike TVs in the living room.
Any thoughts on a reasonably priced recliner for someone 5'5" and 135 pounds? Any experiences? I like the looks of the ones with a separate footstool, but they don't seem to recline as far. I've been reading Amazon reviews, but will go out locally and try out some. That's not easy as I've been in a wheelchair since an accident in late November, so I'd like some idea of what to look for first. Thank you.
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My sister who has a bad back got one of the recliner chairs with the foot rest attached. It is electric and she can put it back until it is almost a bed. My next one will be the same even though they are expensive. She says she can sleep in hers when she has a bad cold and she spent some time using it to sleep in after her knee replacement also.
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I went to the Wayfair website the other day, and they had some awesome prices on the electric recliners that will lift you up to stand vertical, if you need that function. I would try to find the recliner locally and sit in one before you consider ordering one. Several we tried at local furniture stores were as hard as a rock. I would have had to have a pillow to sit on in them, they were that hard. I did not check what the shipping charges would be from Wayfair.
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Two years ago, after a DH had a catastrophic hip failure, he spent months in a recliner after surgery. It reclines horizontally to allow for sleeping, and every position in between. It also has lumbar adjustments. He still uses it all the time, and I think it is one of the best investments we made. It was not cheap, $800+, nor is it small. I think the best thing to do it check out various styles. Sounds like you've had a tough go since your accident!
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I have always had La-z-boy recliners. They are the best in my opinion. They come in different sizes to accomodate different body types, are well made, and come in all kinds of fabric and leather choices. And the best way to find one that fits your body is to go and sit in them. I currently have two. One is a smallish swivel rocker that reclines and has the foot rest attached. I also have one that does not even look like a recliner at all. Bought it because the fabric was perfect to go with the sofa and love seat I bought at the same time, the recliner part was a bonus.
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Go for a test drive on the recliners. It's amazing how different they feel. They almost all have a fatal flaw. They put you to sleep.
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I second the La-Z-Boy. Mine is a push back[no side handle]. I've read horror stories about the electric one and the power going out, so make sure it has a back up battery
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I'm not generally a recliner kinda gal - but - DH would live in his if he could. I will agree with Murphy224 that La-z Boy is probably the best brand out there. We've had them all over the years. I agree they are also usually more expensive than most others out there but they are very good quality chairs. And, usually, the most comfortable.
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And with having cats that like to explore when your not looking, no electric I think is the safest, just imho.
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i only have a TV in my bedroom, don't want it anywhere else, so my recliner is there so i can knit or crochet while watching what little TV I watch. You need to go out shopping and try them out. i am not a large person so mine is small and actually nice looking. it does have an electric recline feature which i do like. When i had bronchitis I slept in it. Cover with a quilt and i am good to go.
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