I never got to meet the gals at the stairs. It either seemed I was to early or to late.
Just wanted to say that My Daughter and I had a fantastic time. Even if we walked 45 miles. I put on a counter and when I got home added up the miles. This also included the walk in the airport.No wonder I ache and my feet hurt.
Eleanor Burns was fantastic. Her Lecture was so much fun and her class on Barns was great. We made a barn wall hanging and the instructions were easy and great to follow and almost got the the whole piece finished. She also had 2 gals that went around and helped.
The Party on Thursday night was really fun and everyone left with lots of goodies.
The shopping was great even though I spent to much money. What else is new? Besides my suitcase I took 2 bulkrate already paid postage boxes with me and a roll of tape. I gave them to the front desk at the Doubletree Hotel all packed full and they mailed them for me.
This was our first year and we are already planning to go again next year.
This make a great "Girls trip". It was so funny one night we were so tired we got the giggles in our room and it's funny someone didn't call the front desk on us. To tell you the truth my ribs are still sore.
One class I did get so lost and frustrated that I was wishing that the 3 hour class was over in 45 minutes. And I wasn't alone feeling that way.
But I highly recommend if you can go to this show sometime.GO IT'S WONDERFUL.
kjym Kathy