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Originally Posted by Boston1954 View Post
Try hitting number nine. This is the highest pitch tone on the phone. It will blast their eardrums out of their head.
Thanks! I will try this. I've tried everything else.
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I got that call from Apple a couple days ago. After the recorded message, if you hold, you can be transferred to a live person. When he came on, I told him that it might be good for them to find out if the person they were calling actually had any of their products before they tried to scam them. I hung up and they called twice after that. I did not answer. They haven't called since. I tell Microsoft I don't have windows. But I did get a call from Christ, Jesus (that is how it was listed on caller ID) along with Jehova Witness, IRS, Harris and Harris (collections but have never received any mail about overdue debt or knock on door from them. I only "owe them money" over the phone.) Wish we could get together and have a class action suit against solar, and all the others.
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I was a federal agent for 32 years, and I know they do not call people. However, when I get a call from the FBI, I ask for the supervisor's name, and what I need do and then tell the caller that my attorney will contact them. Shuts them up pretty quick.
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I also give the same info for the IRS, and any other scammer that calls and I accidently answer the phone, just to be complete.
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Some of the calls we receive are recorded, they start talking, ask a question then there is a pause so you can answer. If you answer the recording continues, if you say nothing it gets disconnected. Sometimes we do answer a number we don't know but we do not say hello. It disconnects and we have the number so we can then block it. A few times we didn't say hello and the caller said is this "Jane", I'll say no, then the person says well maybe you can help me anyway. That's when I hang up.
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you can't even block numbers anymore as they come in "spoofed" to be similar to your number. I actually watched as a call from a midwestern state number that I could not get to in time, changed into a local number in my "recent history". I have been getting calls from someone on the other side of the state, I know it is not really them, it is that their number is similar to mine so they are spoofed numbers.

When the "IRS" calls, tell them you have a hearing problem and could they transfer you to someone who does not have an accent. They won't be able to do it as they are calling from a foreign call center.
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Even when you get an email - DO NOT RESPOND TO THAT EMAIL. Go directly to their website and look at your account. Almost every company has a messages/notifications link for you. If they have sent you an email, there will be a copy in your folder. If you answer the first email, a scammer has access to your computer!
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I totally agree with Jingle. The phones you buy now that give the readout of who is calling and the number are worth the extra $$, which isn't a whole lot. Saves a lot of time and frustration. We got ours at Wal-M.
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We only have cellphones and many times I get a number that looks a lot like mine. Or I get one from a state where I know nobody. I just let it go. If it's important they will leave a message. No more problems.
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My loving husband and often a sales clerk with laugh at me answering a number I do not know..I speak in a monotone..." Hello, this is a recording. Please leave a message after the beep." They will hang up at the word 'recording'. It has worked every time and they do not call back or question why my cell phone has a recorder.
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