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Default Sewing All Day

From the time I got up this morning and had my first cup of coffee I have been sewing. I am making 2 more Cleopatra's Fan block for a table topper. Cutting is no problem but the piecing is still a bit tricky. It is now going on 4pm and I must spend a bit of time with DH before he thinks I fell of the face of the Earth. He has called out to me twice and I keep telling him I am coming. The sewing bug has also kept me from here. (if anyone noticed) Does anyone else do this?
Back to the sewing..
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All the time....I could be sewing all day and never think about cleaning, dishes, dinner, none of the "other stuff". I am retired going on 3 years now and I absolutely cannot get over how I can actually finish projects. It is so gratifying, so much fun. I thought that would pass, but it has not. I literally make myself get my chores done in the morning, I work out for an hour and then the way I see it.....the day is mine!!!
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Those are the best days ever! If only I didn't have work, cats to feed, hubby to check in with - I'd probably be faint on the floor of the sewing room, but happy! I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful day!
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I would love to join you!
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I sew 4-5 hours a day. I have lots of jobs at home. Some I can put off others I can't.

My Husband is retired, not me.
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I don't want to cook or clean. I make myself do what I have too but I would stay sewing and cutting and on the board all day everyday if I could and I ask My DH if he is lonesome and no, he has the TV to his self. He had been out rake and picking up leaves. I hate to cook anymore. Can't we just have a sandwich or pizza or soup. I cooked so much for Thanksgiving and Christmas I am taking as many breaks as I can.
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I want whatever you ladies are have just the opposite problem..I keep finding 10 thousand other things that keeps me from being in my sewing room my defense, I have been sick for the last few weeks and absolutely nothing got done so I am finally feeling better and playing catch up on other stuff.....That's my story & I am sticking to it
BTW my yard looks really nice all cleaned up & we have clean clothes to wear lol
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DH use to come in the sewing room and ask me are you still sewing? Now when he goes out to his shop or starts reading a book I aske him multiple times are you still______? He said it was annoying and I said yeah it is. He got the message. LOL DH eats when he gets hungry, he doesn't expect me to have it on the table every meal.
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My husband loves to cook so he's the one who calls me to eat dinner. Sometimes he'll text me that it's ready lol.
A far cry from my parents. My Dad couldn't boil water and would have probably starved to death w/o Mom haha
Julia, your Cleopatra's preview was gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!! Keep working on it!
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I wish I could have a "sew all day" time. My husband always likes me to sit and watch TV with him. Even if I go in and sew for a short time he is coming in the sewing room to tell me something. This happens about 5 or 6 times so I just give up and go watch TV with him. I do enjoy the days that he works or goes golfing.
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