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This winter I am going to make some clothes for myself. Have not done so in ages, but the price and quality of store bought made the decision easy.
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So many of us started out sewing clothes, often in home ec in school. I find it really sad that they don't have home ec in so many schools any more so young women and girls aren't getting as much of an introduction to this wonderful (and practical) art. Its so sad that the only thing schools see as important is having big fancy buildings and teaching to a test so they can get their raises and bonuses (at least that's the way it is here). One of my friends said that her grandchildren were going to a private school where they still taught some practical and beautiful subjects like art, shop and home ec. I thought that was sooo cool.
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I started sewing early too. I made my skirts and tops all through jr high and high school. Started making all my kids clothes, including jeans, until they reached Jr high. I sewed for the public for a lot of years, also but I quit doing that when ladies wanted their hems 1/4" longer or shorted than original length. Too picky! Now I just make my husbands shirts because I have never found a company that makes a 15 1/2" neck with a 37"sleeve.
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Originally Posted by KalamaQuilts View Post
I sewed all my clothes into my 20's, but when patterns started costing more than readymades I gave up.

Me too....and decent fashion fabric was non-existent too...or out of my budget.
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learning to sew clothing is on my bucket list for this winter. I have been quilting for about 20 years, but would love to learn basic clothing making skills
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I sewed my first time making a dress for 4 H I think I was nine or ten at the time. I was so proud of myself. I was hooked and my 401A was the first thing I bought when I married. I made everything clothing, drapery and things for my home. Being a Army wife I was always having new places to make drapery for. Watching my DM and DGM quilt I finally made my first one in the late 70's and never stopped. I still make things for my GD, she loves dresses I make for her.
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I also started sewing clothing when I was a young teenager. From there I continued to sew for myself and for my girls as they grew up. I made their prom gowns, but never a wedding gown. Now I mostly sew quilts, anything from bed quilts to wall hangings to small quilts for Project Linus. Love it. My only regret is that sitting at my sewing machine for a few hours is a "killer" on my back!
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roguequilter, I think I was in the same Home Ec class. I'd started helping my mom and grandmother cook when I was 5, was in 4H at 10, baking, cooking some simple sewing, skirts, pajamas. Another grandmother sold sewing machines and taught machine embroidery, in the 50's. She also had a college degree to teach Home Ec.

So at 13, I was getting supper every night for a family of 5, my mom worked, my sibling did the dishes. I fixed roasts, in a pressure cooker, baked cakes, apple dumplings, all kinds of good things for dessert, made meatloaf, fried chicken, etc. And with this age came Home Ec. Let's learn to cook, put a lettuce leaf on a plate, put a large spoonful of cottage on top, open large can of peach halves, put one half atop cottage cheese. Now you have a great dessert. Go home and fix it tonight. I went home and whipped up a peach cobbler, along with salmon patties with creamed peas and potatoes. So went my half year of home ec, oh yes and the torn apron.

When I married my mother in law made my beautiful gown, she'd been sewing many years. And I fell right into garment sewing. I'm very short and anything I bought had to be hemmed anyhow. Being retired now, I don't need many clothes, but I still sew off and on, quilt now and them, but small things. Florida is just to warm to spend time on beautiful full quilts. I love seeing the things on here and just maybe I will get hooked, but table runners and wall hangings I like to do best, for gifts.
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I started at a young age too. First doll clothes the my own. I even sewed for the teachers. I slowed down when those patterns got so expensive. Now they are on sale so cheap. With fashions being so geared to the cute young with slim bodies maybe I should start sewing clothes again. We'll that would cut into my quilting time. Maybe that is not a good idea.
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I started sewing doll clothes with my grandmother when I was very young. Then I sewed for myself. It was the only way I would have new clothes. If Grandma did make it, I had to make it. In college I actually sewed for others occasionally to make money. I made my own wedding dress and sewed for my little boys occasionally. Back then there wasn't much you could sew for boys. I made two of my three daughter's in law wedding dresses. I was so happy when I finally got grand-kids and then grand-daughters. But my kids don't really enjoy or value what I make so I think I'm going to give that up. Now I just waste my time here! In the left over time I quilt and machine embroider which reminds me. I've got so many presents to finish!
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