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Default Socializing Dogs

I am hoping someone here can give me some pointers about my dogs. We recently moved from an area where we knew very few people and rarely had other people in the house. Our two dogs (one bulldog mix and one chihuahua mix) are sweet and lovable when it's just DH and I in the house, but when family arrives the dogs bark and growl. This scares the grandkids. What I'm hoping is that someone can give me some pointers about socializing older dogs so they'll be nice when we have company.
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When we first got our Rottweiler, we took him to classes. These were puppy classes, but I would think they could have them for older dogs as well. Try calling the local vet, or check the phone book for places that have training classes.
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yes, this needs to be addressed quickly. when family visits for now, put the dogs elsewhere. Good luck. Things should work out but they do need to change. (())
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I would have large cages to put them in for when company comes for now. If you can get them into obedience school do so. You just can't take a chance with children and dogs that are protecting their territory.
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It will be well worth your while, to enroll the dogs (with you and your DH attending) in an obedience class. Something's we inadvertently reinforce negative behavior.

In the meantime, read up on NILIF (Nothing in Life Is Free) dog training. It's a very dog-friendly way, to establish your alpha position.
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Also if you have any dog parks in your area where they can run free with other dogs, it really helps them with other dogs and their owners.
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Classes would help meanwhile, keep a collar or harness on them and when someone comes, hook up a leash. When the start barking at the person, turn them around and walk them away. Wait a minute and then go back. If they bark repeat. Our dachshund got out of control and I started this. If DH was here I let him deal with whoever stopped. If I was by myself, after two tries and she doesn't behave, she is put in a bedroom. When she took the puppy classes, she didn't bark at people at the door. They tried to get her to bark but all she would do is look at the door and then at me. My son's dog taught her to bark at people when we were at the cottage after the classes were done. Think I'm taking her back this winter for training.
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Training is the best option but if you can't get them there, try this. It's a matter of patience and understanding your dog. If your dog has some obedience training to start, then have them sit when the kids first come over. It's best to keep them on a lease so no accidents happen. Ask the kids to enter the house quietly and sit down. You might even try putting something you wear over the kids laps, so doggie smells you on the kids. Give the kids some dog treats and take the dogs to the children. Have the kids put out their hands, flat with a treat. If doggies learn that the kids are a source of goodies they might come to accept them as family. Never leave the children alone with the dogs. And remind the kids not to pull ears or tails and to have good manners around the dogs.
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we put our rat terrier and min pin in their big walk around kennels in the basement because they don't quit barking. We have had kids mess with them so it is safer for dogs and kids to have them in kennels.
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I suggest finding a good trainer that specializes in behavior modification ... similar to what Cesar Millan does. Not just an ordinary dog obedience (and especially not the ones offered at pet stores). If the dogs do not react the same to people when away from your home, you might need a trainer willing to come to your home. Research the trainers credentials first. Below is a link of how to look for the right trainer.

Hope this helps your dogs enjoy the whole family!
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