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A few years ago when my DD was in nursing school, she took a sock monkey to class and came home with PLEASE make me one. I made 48 sock monkeys from Oct 10th to Dec 22. I sold them for $35 each. I got so tired of sock monkeys! We had a Army Navy store in town that carried the Red Heel Socks. I bought all the store had. The instructions are online. The sock fabric will roll up and ravel when you cut it. I used a narrow zig zag to sew the seams. A tube turner will be a must to save your sanity.
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Old things always seem to come back, but this time sounds like it is a little bit older group. So funny. That dress is too much!!!
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I made one for my daughter (21). She named him Nelson. She takes him everywhere. She says he is a "cheekey monkey" and he is dressed in a dogs moose costume. Anyplace that carries mens work clothes should have them and the pattern is in the package. I have had requests to make them too.
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K white that is so cute!

I have a few sock animal patterns myself. I have collected old patterns for years and this one I was thrilled to find.

I used to see them in the men's department all the time. But, I am thinking they were cotton, not wool. The tennis socks sometimes have the pastel toes on them. Maybe that is what they used to make the light colored ones. If they are popular again, the fabric stores, or craft stores will have them. They seem to have things that are in style pretty quick so they can get your dollar ....LoL!
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I love that sock monkey dress- very neat. I also saved that pic of the sock dolls- I had never seen those, but they are precious. I guess sock monkeys/dolls is an old fashioned way to quickly and cheaply make a child a toy. And here is a link for you guys:

$90.00 sock monkeys. Maybe we need to quit quilting and go into sock monkey business! We see the trend coming...maybe we need to make monkeys for awhile! lol. Wonder is these monkeys would be easy to make out of patchwork/scraps. They are pretty basic- just tubes sewn together. I may try to make one. Maybe make a patchwork bunny or puppy or something. If I make one and it turns out well, I will post a pic. :mrgreen:
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I have found the socks at sporting good stores. The ones that carry hunting clothes and skiing supplies , that sort of store.

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They use to sell Sock Monkey ( and Sock Elephant) kits at Hobby Lobby. Everything in there you need to make a Monkey and an Elephant except thread and fiberfill. If I could find them, I have two kits in our storage unit buried someplace.
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Isn't it funny how some things just keep coming back into style??? This thread made me think of the Carol Duvall show...her huge collection of sock monkeys that she has that people had made and sent in to her after featuring them on her show years ago. Some were small enough to be a key chain accessory.

Maybe the different colored socks could be found at stores like REI and J L Bean (sp) They tend to cater to different items like this that cater to women.
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I purchased a book a while back called "Adorable Sock Dolls" by Connie Stone & Emola Lowe. I have been wanting to make a few and forget to pick up socks for them when I'm out. You can use any type of socks, Also have a pattern for the monkey.They suggest using 'Original Rockford Red Heel" Those sound expensive! Hardware stores probably carry them but I'm gonna check at walmart. Since this is a new age...sock monkeys in bright colors instead, are probably the way to go.
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Originally Posted by camillacamilla
Apparently for my 12 year old DD, sock monkeys are all the rage right now. They are dressing them in premie baby clothes. Where, in a small town, would I find the right socks? Some of the girls have them in pretty pastel colors. I found great instructions online, and know I can make it, IF I can find the socks. Any suggestions??
There's a pattern and tutorial for a pretty sock monkey at this link...just use the longer knee socks in pastel colors from WalMart or Kmart.
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